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Pageat Interview Queen


Welcome to Pageant To PhD’s “Pageant Interview Queen” blog!

Here we will explore various aspects of pageantry, but with an emphasis on interviewing. Why? While all the components of pageantry can help you be a more confident and successful person, it is the interview that has the most potential.

The interview components show our BRAINS, not just our beauty. Though beauty shows there too, through the words you choose, the thoughts you express, the tone of your voice, and the look on your face.

All pageant skills can be “transferable” to other domains of your life if you prepare thoughtfully and with intention. We’ll discuss that and more. But the pageant components where you talk are where you can build skills that will set you apart from the rest. All contestants are lovely—what you say and how you say it makes all the difference.

Appreciating how to think about your audience (whether judges, family, employers, the public, etc.) and speak differently to help folks hear what you truly mean is important. Knowing yourself, your pageant, and some larger issues well enough to see choices in what you say, etc., is important.

And that’s why my underlying site and Facebook page, etc, is called “Pageant to PhD”…because all I’ve experienced helped me go from being a pageant queen to earning a PhD that gives me more insights and skills that I can bring to the world (including the pageant world!).

After all, we aren’t just pretty faces. My hope is that everyone who reads this site has a dream that transcends pageants and scholarship competitions and that they’ll use whatever experiences they have in pageants to become better people and citizens. If you aren’t sure about your dream, we just might be able to help with that too. :-)

So even if you are new to pageants–maybe you haven’t entered one yet–that’s okay!  Or if your pageant interests haven’t taken you into one where interview or on-stage questions factor in yet, hang out with us here anyway! There’ll be some non-interview resources and conversations too…and listening in on the interview-related conversations will help you be ready one day. One step at a time.

All together you can help the judge see that you are the right fit for the opportunity—in this case as titleholder—and along the way be an ever more effective communicator in your life. :-)


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