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Types of Manicures

Types of Manicures

Being a beauty queen, it is important to maintain not only your personal health, but also your beauty health. Having healthy and up kept nails is vital for looking professional and appearing as if you take good care of yourself. There are many different services you can choose from when getting a manicure.

  1. Basic Manicure – If you are only interested in having just simple nail polish on your finger nails, then a basic manicure is perfect. It consists of the application of nail polish as well as simple trimming of the nail.
  2. Gel Manicure – Often times, just nail polish can chip easily and does not last that long. A stronger nail service that salons provide is a gel manicure. Gel is polish that is cured by a UV light, and it lasts much longer than a normal manicure. Gel nails would be optimal for the beauty queen that does not have time to visit the salon very often.
  3. Acrylic Manicure – Some women may have fragile nails or nails that break often, but there is a solution for that! At the salon, you can choose to get an acrylic manicure. Acrylic nails are applied with a substance that hardens on top of the nail to provide length and strength. If you prefer that your nails are long, then acrylic nails are ideal.

Whichever service may suite your needs, there are plenty of manicures to choose from and try!