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The Perfect Matte Lip

Recently, matte lipsticks have been making a huge comeback. There’s a world of possibilities with this opaque, gloss-free  formula, from subtle and understated to a bold, statement lip. Matte lipsticks are perfect for any occasion, whether that may be a beauty pageant night to showcase a bright, friendly smile or to complete a casual day-to-day look. The formula for a matte lipstick isn’t easy to perfect, but I have a few brands that will give you the perfect matte lip.

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

These lip pencils are truly incredible. While it is high-end, the finish is well worth it. As stated in the name, this product is actually a big, crayon-like pencil, which allows easy application. It glides on smoothly and easily without dragging along the lips. While some matte lipsticks have the tendency to dry out the lips and have the potential to appear cakey, this lip pencil really does have a velvety feel on the lips. It is enriched with Vitamin E, which makes it amazingly moisturizing, and it lasts for hours without feathering or bleeding. The range of colors in this line is amazing too– there are 19 beautifully pigmented shades to choose from. From the subtle nude called Belle de Jour to the classic red called Cruella, which is perfect for the winter months, you won’t be disappointed with your options. It can also be layered with other lipsticks to create a multi-dimensional, bold look if you’re looking to make a statement on the pageant stage. All in all, I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a quality lip product with lots of possibilities.

Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Mattes

Maybelline has a relatively new line of matte lipsticks that are definitely more affordable, but still deliver a great matte finish. Unlike the Nars Lip Pencil, this line is comprised of proper lipsticks. At ten shades, the line is about half as small the above line, but there is still a great variety in shades. There are a couple nudes such as the Daringly Nude, a couple bright, fun purples and pinks, and a few deep reds such as Divine Wine for the upcoming season as well. So, no matter your skin-tone and undertones, you’ll be sure to find a flattering shade in this line. Once again, as the name states, these truly do have a creamy texture similar to that of regular, glossy lipsticks, which is always a plus because it won’t leave your lips feeling dry. This formula is nourishing and applies smoothly, with no need to worry about it smudging or rubbing off easily. The color pay-off of this line is also incredible. Every shade is opaque and beautifully pigmented. You certainly won’t be disappointed with this line.

BONUS – Tips for applying matte lipsticks:

When applying a matte lipstick, it’s important to properly prep your lips beforehand to ensure long-lasting wear and a beautiful finish. It all starts the night before, by applying a thick lip balm to soak in and moisturize those lips, leaving them smooth and soft. Before applying the lipstick, be sure to exfoliate your lips with a sugary lip scrub to get rid of dry skin that can make even the best of lipsticks appear flaky and unflattering, and then apply a light layer of lip balm. Give this a few minutes to absorb, because the formula in matte lipsticks may cause the product to slide around on your lips and rub off when combined directly with lip balm. Once you’ve let the lip balm absorb, apply your matte lipstick for the center of your upper lips and outward, tracing the shape of your lips, then applying it on your bottom lip. Finally, be sure to blot of any excess lipstick to ensure it doesn’t bleed out or end up on your teeth.

Tell us about your favorite shades of matte lipstick for this fall and winter!



Beauty Tutorials: Glamour in under 15 Minutes


Whether you are new to pageants or a seasoned veteran, most anyone could enjoy a refresher course on beauty techniques. Even if you consider yourself quite skilled at all things beauty related, beauty tutorials can still be a fun and exciting way to try a new makeup technique or look so you look your best at the pageant, whether on stage, on camera, or in your personal pageant interview with the judges. You want to look your best while handling those pageant interview questions!

You would be surprised how much a tutorial could change your whole beauty routine. But where can one find such helpful, fun tutorials? Well, in recent years beauty mavens have flocked to YouTube in order to share with the world their knowledge and expertise. Lucky for us, these tutorials are 100% free!

So, how exactly do you go about choosing from the multitude of beauty tutorials available on YouTube? First off, decide what exactly you would like to learn! Beauty tutorials cover anything from hair styling to themed makeup lessons. Once you have chosen your subject, you can narrow down your search by visiting YouTube’s Beauty and Fashion Channel and perusing the channels that fall within your category.

Still a little overwhelmed by the choices? No worries! Everyone has different ways of learning (even for beauty stuff!). So take some time and watch a few videos from different channels until:

  • You find a channel that has easy to follow tutorials
  • Has a personality you enjoy
  • Offers tips for a classy, elegant look that’s “right” for you and your pageant

With so much variety available finding the beauty channel for you can take a bit of time, but once you do it is well worth it!

Beauty tutorials on YouTube offer a wealth of information waiting to be discovered. So get started now, and remember that practice makes perfect! :)

To help you get started, below are a few recommended YouTube beauty channels to check out. Enjoy!

Makeup Tutorials:

Michelle Phan is one of the better-known make up artists on YouTube. She has become so popular, in fact, that she recently launched her own makeup line: Em by Michelle Phan. She has a wide-range of tutorials from TV inspired ones (e.g., Game of Thrones: Daenerys Targaryen Look) to typical every day looks.

Another fun (and very bubbly) beauty maven is BubzBeauty. The great thing about Bubz is the variety of tutorials available on her channel. Bubz covers anything from < rel ="nofollow" href="" target="_blank">home made skin remedies to simple girl talk sessions. Her tutorials are easy to follow, and her sweet, endearing personality makes her a joy to watch!

Although I have yet to try the awesome hair tutorials by Luxy Hair, I have heard many good things! From up-dos to fancy ponytails, Luxy Hair has you covered for all things hair related. Hair styling can definitely be intimidating, especially if you were never one to experiment with your hair in the first place. However, Luxy Hair’s tutorials are easy to follow, and make for a fun learning experience. :)