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Pageat Interview Queen

Supporting You With Your Pageant Interview Questions

Hello Pageant Lovers,

I’m back in the saddle again. Or should I say I’m back in my crown and my high heels?  :-)

Sorry to have been away for a while. Family demands and other work demands being what they are I just needed to use more of my time for other things for a while. But I was still working on things behind the scenes…

Starting this week I hope to post a new YouTube video at least once a week.  This week we start with a brief “hello again” video–it’s up there already if you want to check it out: .  After that we will post brief videos dealing with how to handle pageant interview questions, and sometimes pageants themselves!

Some of the videos will be information that is a good review or reminder for you in regard to pageant interviewing, but surely some of them will be new information for you—perhaps things you’ve yet to think about.  Each individual is different, of course, based on her experience, but stay tuned as you never know which video will give you the tip YOU need to learn to help you win your crown.

In addition to the weekly or better YouTube videos (channel = PGNTInterviewQueen), I intend to start posting to my Pageant Interview Queen blog once a week again (see here for my previous posts, and get back into Tweeting (PGNTIntrvwQueen) and FaceBooking  ( on a near daily basis. Step by step I’ll get used to my social media shoes again. :-)

So please subscribe, follow, or check in on whatever channel(s) work for you stay in touch. I’d love to see you have an optimal pageant experience—after all, a pageant is just the beginning and the skills you learn or practice there will translate into other areas of your life. You are all beautiful so how you interview is the key in setting you apart from others.

Let’s build some momentum in helping every pageant contestant shine her brightest!  And remember to watch Miss USA this weekend. :-)

I hope you and yours are well,

Dr. Stephanie Raye


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