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Summer Fashion 101

Summer Fashion 101

PageantToPhDblog.comSummer is fast approaching, and our wardrobes are in desperate need of bright colors and lighter materials. Luckily, PageantToPhD is here to help you lovely pageant ladies transition into the summer season flawlessly. Below are the top 10 trends for Summer 2014. So read on, and rejoice. Summer is almost here! :)

1.    Crop Tops Blouse-with-cropped-sleeve

Our love for the crop top continues! However, it has now taken even more forms (e.g., boxy, graphic, and floral). With warmer weather on the way, crop tops may be more of a blessing than a curse. Pair them with high-waisted skirts, shorts, and pants for a more balanced look.

2.    Pretty Pastels MintPastelShirt

Pastels are naturally a spring and summer go-to. The two most popular seem to be powder pink and mint. Both brighten and freshen up your wardrobe for spring and summer, and are beautiful in any form—from skirts to dresses.

3.    Keep it Graphic!Checked Shorts

Graphic designs and prints are majorly in this summer, and that includes everything geometric. Although colorful artsy graphics are popular, their black and white counterparts are equally so.

 4.    The Shirtdress

Articles and pictures of the shirtdress seem to have taken over the Shirt-DressInternet. In any incarnation they appear effortlessly chic. An easy, throw on and go dress that keeps you looking fashionable all day.

5.    Kick’n it Old School Backpack

Who thought backpacks for adults would be such a hit? From leather to mint, the backpack has been a popular accessory for this spring and summer. Practical and fun, the backpack is a great accessory for any pageant girl on the go.

6.    White, white, and more white! Coated-Skinny-Trousers

From white wide legged trousers to white blouses, white is as popular as ever. Almost every summer trend comes in white! And why not join the bandwagon? The color white reflects the sun, and can keep you cool through all those hot summer days. So why not add this wardrobe essential to your collection?

7.    Spoil Sport Leather-Cross-Over-Sandals-with-Platform

Is it possible to look sporty and chic? This summer it is. Thanks to the sport trousers and sporty sandals that have graced the runways. Looking athletic is neither difficult nor unfashionable this season. Run to your nearest mall to get into the trend.

8.    High-Tea Coated Pleated Skirt

Midi and long skirts are having a moment. One can’t help but imagine having high-tea in these classically beautiful long skirts. Especially when one considers all of the soft, pretty pastels they come in. They are a simple way to look feminine and put-together for the summer.

9.    Floral Loral ShortKimono

Florals are always a popular trend for spring and summer, and it’s hard not to jump on board when there are so many different colors and types to choose from! Personally, I’m rocking the floral kimonos. They bring an added pop to a simple outfit, but are airy enough to stay cool!

10. Sheer Terror?!Silk-Top-with-Lace-Appliqué

Sheers are a natural summer choice, as they are lightweight and breezy. And as the temperatures begin to mount it’s hard not to continually reach into your closet for sheer pieces. H&M currently has a nice, affordable selection of sheer tops to choose from. I grabbed a cool graphic one recently that I love.


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