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Pageat Interview Queen


My intention is to see contestants grow and shine their brightests, which leads to the judges having great contestants to interview (and my materials offer good insights on judging interview), which leads to pageant directors having fabulous events that help contestants, sponsors, and pageantry in general.

By my way of thinking, we can, and should, help each other in these pursuits so please review these three areas below: Sharing my material, sharing about yourself, and sharing about pageants.


If you’d like to share one of the posts from this blog, please do!  There should be little buttons for you to share via FaceBook or Twitter, etc. near the posts.

If you want to use some of the material in other ways, perhaps in a pageant newsletter, a blog, or whatever, that’s fine too, provided you give credit where credit is due and provide links to my websites, etc.  Here are the details:

Copyright 2012 Dr. Stephanie Raye ( You are welcome to use my articles or blog posts–in whole or in logical part and offered in appropriate context–in your newsletters, emails, or websites as long as you properly quote any segments and, in all cases of use–whole or part–acknowledge Dr. Stephanie Raye as author and provide the link to and/or (And if you agree to stop using (and take down) my  material upon my request if I see usage that I deems as unprofessional or inappropriate.) Wishing you success!  Please stay in touch with your stories and events.


We have a lot to learn from each other, so please share some of yourself too!  Please comment on posts here or in other areas where we can build positive community, like in Facebook  and Twitter and the like.

In time, I’ll likely develop other places for us to share. Like I might open comments up on the extensive Resource pages on my other site . (Until then, we can talk about that kind of thing in the other places.) So stay tuned to see how things unfold.


Over time, we’ll all use the names of major televised pageants, as well as the names of preliminary pageants, or less “major” pageants of various sorts in our posts, articles, and comments, etc. Let’s all remember that most of those names  (like Miss America, Miss USA, etc.) are officially trademarked.

That’s common knowledge. And when you add to that the fact that including trademark symbols everywhere is a reading distraction, not something everyone knows how to do technically, and that I assume no one participating in any of my sites, pages, and posts are aiming to make commercial use of those names, then let it be known that we are only mentioning trademarked names in an editorial fashion.

Indeed everytime you or I menition a pageant it is done so to the ultimate benefit of the trademark owner –free publicity, and all that–with no intention of infringement on the trademark.

All that said, while we are free to comment on any pageants on mine, and other’s sites, etc., let’s always remember to keep a professional tone about it. Even if you have something legitimately negative to report, do keep it honest and aim to frame it constructively. We’d all want folks to do the same for us, right? :-)


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