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Self-Tanning Tips for Beauty Queens

Self-Tanning Tips for Beauty Queens

When it comes to being on stage, a golden glow is a great way to shine on stage during a pageant. The stage lights often wash people out, which is why heavier makeup is applied for stage appearances. Another way to avoid being washed out amidst all the lights is with a golden glow. It is important that pageant contestants appear their best on stage and feel confident in their own skin.

No matter what skin tone you may have, the perfect way to stand out on stage is to apply a bronzing product or a self-tanner. Many beauty queens go to a salon and purchase a spray tan; however, these range from $65 to $80 depending on the salon. Spray tans from a studio or salon are applied in a booth, and there is no exact precision since a machine is applying the color. Self-tanning, or using your own products, tends to be the most convenient way to achieve a golden glow.

Self-tanning products are sold at most grocery stores, drug stores, and beauty supplies stores, making it convenient to get your hands on a product. The benefit of applying the tan yourself is that you can do it in the comfort of your own home and have the tools to reapply/touch up if necessary. To find the best tanning product for your skin type, you must first know the behavior of your skin. A beauty queen with dry skin may want to look for a lotion tanning product, while a pageant queen with oily skin may want to avoid lotion products and look for a mousse formula. Testing products is the best way to find the perfect self-tanner.

Prepping for application is also important. Different products call for different instructions, so be sure to look at the instructions of the product you choose. Prior to the application, taking a shower to remove any oils, dirt, or makeup is key. This ensures that the product is applied smoothly and absorbs into clean skin. Exfoliating is great way to remove the dead skin off the surface of your body to avoid any streaking of the self-tanner.

For the color to look its best, many beauty experts advise that you apply the tan the night before an event. So, a beauty queen will want to apply her tan the evening before the pageant. Doing so the night before allows the tan to develop, and to later be washed off in the morning. Rinsing off in the shower removes the excess tan that may be sitting on top of the skin. After showering, you may apply lotion, deodorant, and other cosmetic products as you wish. Following these tips and tricks will allow your inner beauty to shine and own the pageant stage.