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Pageat Interview Queen

Refund Policy

[ NOTE: I’m leaving this page up for now as there might be someone within a 30 day refund window but, in reality, this page isn’t really necessary anymore and I’ll probably take it down one of these days. Why? Well, the book material is no longer available on this site as we are putting everything up on Amazon and won’t be handling any sales here. So go to Amazon to find a series of great books! If/when we are no longer exclusive to Amazon for any one of these books, you might find them elsewhere but we’ll probably be exclusive to Amazon for most of them for at least 90 days after each release. :-) Thanks! ]

Put simply, there is a “30-Day Money Back Guarantee” so you are safe!

But let’s talk more about how safe you really are…

I’ve had no requests for refund yet.  There is just so much good stuff in the material!  But, let’s cover our bases and talk about procedures “just in case.”

About Product Delivery:

One reason a person might think they want a refund is because of trouble accessing the file.  That won’t be a problem because the shopping cart system that delivers the book runs very smoothly so you should have no trouble downloading or using the book.

But if the occasional odd thing happens and you have trouble, please don’t hesitate to touch base as I’d be happy to help if you hit a snag with electronic delivery of materials. Please see the contact page for phone and email contact options.

About Product Content:

You’ll be surprised at how much helpful information is in this books, so it is safe to offer you this guarantee:

If after actually reading the book you really didn’t find it of some value to you, email me with your thoughtful reasons as to why it was not helpful and I’ll gladly return your purchase price.  That way I can learn how to make the book better for the future! Thanks for your help with that.  :)

As you already know, that offer is good within 30 days of your purchase.  Well, actually, try to make your request before that—like by the 29th day—so we can be sure it gets submitted in time.  Pageant girls should always be early, right?

As some would say “If you’re not early you’re late.”

All that said, no worries!, you’ll be glad you put into practice the tips and insights you’ll learn from my materials.

And, in reality, rather than worrying about refunds or not, I’d rather we work together in the spirit of cooperation (another important trait for pageant contestants), and talk through where you needs were not met and I’d try to meet them for you. I’m that committed to helping you on your path to success.