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Pageat Interview Queen

Pageant Interview Question Tips, How to be Politically Sensitive

There’s always some sort of political happening in the news or some sort of “hot-button” issue being debated in the media. Are you ready to respond if a judge asks a beauty pageant interview question that includes such things?

What if you are the queen? Are you a pageant titleholder who can handle any sort of question from the media or from audience members at appearances?

Whether you are the reigning queen, or on your way there as a beauty contest or scholarship competition contestant in personal interview or handling an on-stage question, it is wise to be prepared.

If you’ve read my Pageant Interviewing Success: The Collected Series material, you know that I offer numerous ideas to support you in reasonable, balanced ways to follow the news and prepare for current event questions in terms of both content and delivery.

Whether or not you make the time to prepare well on the content side (and I hope you will), that still is only half the challenge. Regardless of your content knowledge, the other half of the challenge is being sure what comes out of your mouth conveys intelligence, balance, and sensitivity.

I just wrote a brief article on this and posted it here:  Go check it out. It’s worth the read and will give you a start or, for the more experienced pageant contestant, it will help remind you of something key you might have once known.

Either way, it will increase your confidence in how you handle such questions in response to pageant interview questions. As with so much of pageant interview preparation, it will help you handle questions in other life situations. After all, a pageant is just the beginning! :-)


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