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Navigating the Nail Craze

Navigating the Nail Craze

Navigting The Nail CrazeThe nail art craze! Within the last few years nail art—from fancy to crazy—has become a huge part of the beauty and fashion scene. Simply typing nail art into Pinterest will bring forth a plethora of different tutorials and ideas. But how far is too far for nail art? And how do you decide what is appropriate or not for different social situations? Never fear my lovely pageant ladies! I shall help you navigate the nail craze, so that you may go forth and feel confident in your nail art decisions. :)

1. For Work

For WorkThis is a tricky one, as it truly depends on where you work and what you do. If you work in a creative industry that promotes self-expression, you may have no boundaries in how crazy your nail art can become. However, if you work in a conservative law firm or for the government you should probably avoid nail art all together. In the latter case, light pink or nude nails are the best choice. Although you may be able to get away with a simple French manicure or red nail polish, other colors are probably not the best idea.

2. For PlayFor Party

Going out with friends? Have a fun, holiday get-together to go to? Then feel free to be as creative as you want. Check out what nail art is trending now, and go for it. Experiment and have fun!

3. For Everyday

For everyday wear you may want to forgo encrusting your nails with sparkling gems, but you can still have fun nonetheless.  Change it up by painting one nail a For Everydaydifferent color or choosing one finger on each hand to add sparkles. Add a geometric shape or even polka dots to your nails. Another fun idea is to buy a matte nail polish! These ideas may also apply to your pageant nail art choices as well. :)

No matter what nail design you choose, use your best judgment when deciding if it’s appropriate for work, play, or everyday. Have fun and be creative! Use your nails as a way to express your unique style. So get out there, and start painting!

P.S. What is you favorite nail art design? Post a picture or link to one below and let me know! :)


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