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Pageat Interview Queen

Pageant Interviewing Success

Oh, we’re going to have some fun!  You’ll be so surprised at what you still might have to learn about pageant interviewing. Things that will help you take it to a new level–whatever that might be for you–and make it easier (less scary!) while helping you shine your brightest. It’ll give you a competitive edge.

See the book cover to the right?

Well, that book was SO comprehensive (and long) that we decided to take it down off the website for sale and make a series of shorter, more focused books to provide in a series off of the Amazon Kindle program. 

You can click on that image to go a page to find each of the books and link to Amazon through whichever one you’d like–I recommend them in order but you can start where you wish!

Don’t have a Kindle? That’s okay, if you don’t want to get one you can still get their free Kindle reader to read Kindles on other devices!

We might make the series of books available on other platforms after we’ve completed the exclusive period of time with “KDP select” program which asks for 90 days of exclusivity for any books in that program. But we’ll keep the rules and be exclusive to Kindle for any of the books in the series for which we agree to be.

In other words, we also might select one or two books in the series to NOT be exclusive to Kindle so that we can legally try out other platforms for comparison reasons, but even if we do that we’ll still offer it on Kindle (just not exclusively).  

What is in the series of books?

Inside the pages of this comprehensive series you will find everything you need to know to be successful in any interviewing situation, especially in a pageant interview. Seriously, I’ve looked and this has more in it than anything else I’ve found. 

More than words, there are hyperlinks to resources, it’s fully searchable on any word and you can jump to any section quickly, and there are so many examples and actual exercises to complete to help you be your best!

No matter what level of pageant experience you have, this will take you to the NEXT level. Remember, it is the pageant interview that will give you the edge against the rest of the beautiful competitors. Check out what my site has to offer and order your copy today!

In terms of the blog:

Like you, I’m busy. And I’m not perfect. (And no one needs to be PERFECT to be a success or helpful to the world…so don’t be too hard on yourselves as you work toward your next stage of excellence.) I mention this because there may be the occasional gap in my posting.  I have helpers who blog on here too and they are pretty regular once they get going, but sometimes I’m between helpers too. So just check back now and then.

But I will be aiming to post fairly regularly to these various avenues to build community and provide information and resources to folks. :-)  I’ll aim to put different things, though sometimes they’ll be related, so there’s always something new to discover.  Please help me with that by sharing your thoughts and resources with me to share too. See the contact page. :-)


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