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Your Shoe Problems Solved

Your Shoe Problems Solved

Your Shoe Problems Solved IIHi there beauties!  It’s me, Maddie, your resident shoe guru!  We have all been there; you have just found the perfect pair of shoes, the ones that make your outfit, but are unbearably uncomfortable!  So, do you risk being in pain all day at your pageant to have the perfect outfit or do you pass up a beautiful pair of shoes for something more sensible?  Fear not, for I have the solution to your shoe problems. I am going to share with you the secret to making any shoe pageant-ready and comfortable! I promise it is possible!

Problem 1: Too Tight

A common problem a lot of girls face is that they have one foot that is slightly larger than the other.  This makes finding a pair of shoes that fits both feet almost impossible (I would know, I have almost a half-size difference).  While you could buy both sizes, this seems a little ridiculous!  So let’s talk about how to stretch a shoe so that it won’t be so tight.

Solution 1: Shoe Tree

A shoe tree is a wooden device that you put in your shoe to help break them in so you don’t have to deal with the pain of breaking them in yourself.  Shoes trees come in all sizes for both men and women.

Step 1 is to pick your shoe tree’s size, choose one that is the same size as the shoes you are purchasing.Step 2 is to then adjust the tree so that it fit snuggly in the toe box of your shoe. Step 3 is to let them sit this way overnight.  Try the shoes on again and see how they fit.  If they are still too tight then adjust the tree so that it is a little wider and repeat the process.

I would recommend doing this in tiny increments because shoes will stretch with regular wear and you don’t want to stretch them too much!  Another great benefit to shoe trees is because they are usually made of cedar wood they leave your shoes smelling fresh!

Solution 2: Heat

This is an idea I have seen on Pinterest many times and people swear by it.  I have tried it myself and it worked pretty well.  For this you will need a hair dryer and some thick wool socks.  Start by putting the socks on and then slipping on the shoes that are too tight.  Then take your blow dryer and aim it at the areas that pinch.  Holding the blow dryer several inches away from the shoes and gently heat them.  Make sure not to heat them too much, a couple of minutes should do the trick.  And make sure not to do this on plastic shoes, as they may melt! Then walk around for a bit while they cool.  Once your shoes have cooled, take off the socks and voilà, your shoes should be pinch free and pageant-ready!

Solution 3: Frozen

This is a trick I learned from one of my managers at DSW and she swears by it (She has enough shoes to wear a different pair every day for a year and a half?!). Take a large Ziploc bag and fill it with water. Take the Ziploc and place it in your shoes that are too tight (you may want to double bag it so that there is no chance of leakage).  Then get another Ziploc/grocery bag and place the shoe in it (this is to protect your shoes).  Now put them in the freezer overnight.  As the water in the bag freezes it will expand and help stretch the shoes.  Remove your shoes from the freezer once the water has frozen and try them on for size.  If they are still too tight repeat the process with more water in the bag.

Problem 2: Too Big

If you have a pair of shoes that are a bit too large for you, do not worry! l have a couple of options to make them more snug. :)

Solution 1: Inserts        

If your shoe is a little loose at the heel you can buy little inserts that stick to the inside of the heel cup.  These work to prevent your heel from slipping out the back of your shoe.  The inserts usually have an adhesive back that will stick directly to the inside cup of the heel.  You can stick multiple ones on top of one another if you need too as well.

These inserts come in a variety of materials and each offers their own benefits.  Most are either made of gel or fabric.  The gel ones tend to be a bit more cushioned and are easier to clean, but if you happen to sweat a lot they may cause blisters.  The fabric ones are a better alternative if your feet sweat and they also tend to stick to shoes a bit better.

Solution 2: Newspaper

If you are really in a pinch and need to make loose shoes fit, you can put newspaper in the toe box.  Now this will only work if you have closed toed shoes.  I am not a fan of this method because it is rather uncomfortable, but if you are only wearing the shoes for a few minutes then it is a really easy way to fix the problem.  Another quick fix is wearing thicker socks or double layering socks in shoes that are too loose.  Again this only works if you have closed toed shoes or shoes that don’t show socks.

Hopefully these tips will help solve your shoe problems. Whether your shoes are too small or too big, you can now make them into the perfect pair. Don’t forget to rock them at your pageant!

P.S. What are your D.I.Y.’s for making shoes fit?


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