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Guide to White Teeth

Guide to White Teeth

Professionally whitening teeth can often times be a burden or rather expensive. Having a white smile can boost your confidence and make you stand out on stage during a pageant. A woman’s smile can be the most beautiful thing about her. There are, however, at-home treatments for whitening your teeth that are wallet friendly and simple.

Crest 3D White Strips – The toothpaste company crest has produced a product that works just as well as professional bleach for teeth. They are sold at stores such as Target and Walgreens and can be purchased for about 50 dollars.

Toothpaste – This whitening option is probably the most common; there are many toothpastes on the market that include bleaching chemicals to remove stains and yellowing on your teeth. There are a range of option to choose from, one product including the Sensodyne True White Mint Toothpaste for about 6 dollars.

Activated Charcoal – Using activated charcoal to whiten teeth has slowly become a more popular form of teeth whitening. It is all natural and many people have experienced dramatic results. You can purchase activated charcoal anywhere, including on Etsy for about 10 dollars. You simply brush the charcoal on your teeth and observe the results over time.

Often times, drinking coffee, tea, and other colored beverages can slowly strip away the whiteness of our teeth. By using any of the products mentioned above, you can easily bring  back that beautiful white smile.