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Favorite Products of February

Favorite Products of February

ID-100210186-pandpstock001February is coming to an end, and I thought it would only be appropriate to list my favorite products of February! Word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to discover new, great products to try. Hopefully some of the products below will catch your eye and convince you to give them a go. :) As always, experiment and explore. You could discover a new favorite pageant product!

1.     Epsom Salts
I was recently converted to Epsom Salt baths when my friend sent me some as part of my birthday gift. Epsom salt baths can help relax your body and relieve muscle pain. Furthermore, Epsom Salts can help eliminate toxins from the body. If possible, take an Epsom Salt bath every night before you go to bed. Light some candles and meditate while you bathe. It will help relieve stress and any tension from the day. You’ll sleep easier and wake up feeling more relaxed and well-rested. A perfect cure after a long day at a pageant! If you’re interested here is some more information on Epsom Salt’s Uses and Benefits.

2.     Rose or White Gold Eyeliner
Rose gold or white gold eyeliner is the best why to brighten and highlight your eyes! Instead of closing in your eyes with heavy, dark liner use these lighter colors to make your eyes pop for your pageant. Here’s how to do it: 1. Take your regular eyeliner and line the top of your lid as you normally would 2. When lining your lower lid only line halfway 3. If using a pencil smudge your liner to make it appear less harsh 4. Now apply your rose or white gold eyeliner to the inner corner of your eye or along the waterline. 5. Lightly blend and there you have it, beautiful open eyes! :) Still need a little help? Check out the video below to see a demonstration.

Autumn Ombré

3.     Tarte LipSurgence “Charmed”
I love Tarte’s LipSurgence line! Charmed is a soft pink that is perfect for an everyday look. The formula is creamy and soft with a slight minty tingle. It doesn’t have a bad taste or smell and application is easy. Also, because the color is sheer and slightly shiny you can layer it on for more vibrancy. The color would be great for a pageant interview makeup look because it won’t distract your interviewer, but it still keeps you looking pretty and put together. Lipsurgence has loads of different shades from nudes/pinks to berries/reds. Check them out and pick your favorite!

4.     Tarte Finishing Powder
Do you ever get those annoying mascara/eyeliner smudges under your eyes by the end of a long day? Although a good waterproof eyeliner and mascara can help prevent this, another layer of protection is finishing powder! After I apply my under-eye cover I dust Tarte’s finishing powder on top to set the cover and create a smooth, dry surface. Thus, by the end of the day I have minimal to nonexistent smudging! This is a great way to make sure that your pageant makeup stays where it should during the length of the contest.

5.     Dior Intense Brown Waterproof Eyeliner
When I first started getting into makeup I eventually stumbled upon Dior’s waterproof eyeliner, and quickly became addicted. I eventually wondered away from Dior to try other brands, but in the end I have always returned to Dior’s eyeliner. The consistency is not too creamy or firm and blends easily. It stays put all day, but can smudge if it’s obscenely hot outside. The brown color is very flattering and can make a dramatic eye appear a little tamer, but still gorgeous. It is a great eyeliner to have in your day to day routine, and would also work beautifully in your pageant makeup routine.

P.S. What are your favorite products this month? Tell me in the comment box below! :)


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