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Your Complete Back To School Guide!

School is back in session! Not feeling prepared? No worries, PageantToPhD is here with Your Complete Back To School Guide to get you prepped and confident for the school year ahead. Read on and enjoy! :)

1. Outfit Ideas


A new school year a new you right? The first day of classes was always exciting and nerve-wracking! I remember the first day of school being the one to make a statement and leave an impression, if you felt so inclined. I always enjoyed experimenting with fashion, and if you do too then here are some great back to school outfit ideas by two cute YouTubers with different styles.

Back To School Outfits

Back To High School Outfits ONE and TWO

Back to School Outfits for College

2. Backpack/Bags


Maybe some people are not as backpack or bag obsessed as I, but oh how I love my bags. Herschel is a favorite because of its wide and varied selection. They have an abundance of colors, shapes, and sizes to choose from. Explore, have fun, and enjoy! A cool printed backpack is just another way of expressing yourself!

3. Accessories


Whether you go to a school that has a uniform requirement or you just love accessories, they are another fun way to stand out from the pack! From fun hair ties to statement jewelry, accessories can definitely pull together a hairstyle or outfit.

4. School Utensils


I have always had a passion for unique notebooks, pens, and other school accouterments. Thus, back to school shopping was one of my favorite activities, as it meant I could buy a whole new assortment of school utensils that displayed my style. Check out this video for Michelle Phan’s fun Back To School Favorites, as well as these sections of Urban Outfitters for cool notebooks and other school supplies!

Don’t forget to CLICK the pictures and links to see the items!

P.S. What is your favorite back to school memory?


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