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Your Complete Guide to St. Patrick’s Day!

Your Complete Guide to St. Patrick’s Day!

Your Complete Guide to St. Patrick's DaySt. Patty’s Day is right around the corner, so I thought it would only be apropos to give you lovely pageant ladies a complete guide to St. Patrick’s Day! When one thinks of St. Patty’s day we picture Leprechauns, gold, and McDonald’s tasty shamrock shakes. So how do we incorporate these awesome things appropriately into our wardrobe, makeup, and hair? I have searched the vast Internet to compile tutorials and ideas for you guys to use to spice up your St. Patty’s Day! So have fun and enjoy! :)

1.    Makeup

Thinking about St. Patty’s Day makeup one is instantly daunted by the thought of green eye shadow. I mean how can green look good? Well, some wonderful ladies on YouTube have made it possible, and you will find three links to their St. Patrick’s Day makeup tutorials below. Pick whichever one you feel most comfortable with as they vary in intensity! Either way, have fun and maybe get a little inspiration for a future pageant makeup look.

2.    Hair

Hair is the easiest part! Any sort of braid can naturally look very Celtic, and thus is great for St. Patty’s Day. Here are three great hair tutorials to check out that will bring a little more Irish to your St. Patty’s Day look:

Another bonus is that you can reuse these looks for a beautiful pageant hairstyle!

3. Outfit Ideas

So how does a pageant girl embrace St. Patty’s Day green without going over the top? The simplest way is to wear green accessories such as a necklace or earrings. You can easily pick up some cheap St. Patrick’s Day inspired jewelry at Claire’s or Icing. Additionally, you can wear a green scarf to add some St. Patty’s Day spirit to your outfit.

If you are in a more daring mood you can go all green by wearing a green skater dress, which is great for spring in general. Otherwise, you can keep it simple by wearing a green shirt with jeans or a nice white blouse with a green skirt.

4.    Sweet Treats

Holiday-themed treats are always a favorite! So here below are some simple, fun St. Patrick’s Day treats that any pageant girl can make and share!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little guide to St. Patrick’s Day! Now go grab a Shamrock Shake from McDonald’s and remember to wear green. You don’t want to get pinched by a leprechaun! ;)


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