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Child Beauty Pageants — Pageant mom right and wrongs, Part II

Greetings Pageant Fans!

Later this week, or early next, I’ll post on more interview-related topics…but there’s still more for us to think about in regard to that link I posted yesterday on the pageant mom who enters her daughters in many pageants to toughen them up.  

If you care about pageants, then you probably care about the well-being and reputation of pageants, pageant directors, pageant judges, and pageant contestants up and down the age scale. Maybe this journalist chose to focus on some things more than others, but, either way, it’s still worth considering what we think this pageant mom did/does “right” and “wrong”. Remember, we use this article just as an example, not to make her right or wrong, per se, as only she knows her own family.  Based on this article, however, here are more of my thoughts.

Right: Letting the girls compete if they want to do so. Wrong: Insisting they compete against each other. Especially if “goading” and “lashing out” is involved too often.   It’d be healthier for them to compete in different pageants. 

More wrong on that point: If one daughter has won 30 titles and the other “only” 8 (which is still great!), is it really necessary to keep having compete against each other to prove who is usually preferred by judges in that pageant system?  It seems that verdict is in. If she is interested, encourage Kylie to compete in different kinds of pageant where her gifts might shine in a new way.

On a related note, and still more wrong: Insisting the girls compete in only one style of pageant.  Let the girls try pageants with different emphases, or mix it up with something that focuses on a more natural look to help note their REAL beauty, not just their dress-up-like-a-grown-up look.  The girls might like that just as well and it will broaden them out. 

While I think there is a place for different kinds of pageants–if approached with a healthy attitude–a balance with the more natural look will help the girls keep things in perspective. (And to some people it would be less “creepy” in the sense of appealing less to the unhealthy element of society that the mom mentions–pedophiles.)

Right: Participating often enough for their confidence and comfort level to rise.  Wrong:  Some would say competing four times a month is a lot. It’s great if the family has the time and money (Are they saving for college too?), but, really, even twice a month for each girl (not against each other) could be considered a lot. Perhaps that is personal preference. Whatever the case, it would seem more time to do other (non-pageant-related) kid stuff could be appropriate.  Besides, maybe they are “tough” enough by now and some balance and sensitivity would be in order.

That’s enough to think about for now. Besides, I don’t want this to get TOO long.  I’ll post the rest of my thoughts on this tomorrow. :-)  Dr. Stephanie



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