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Spring Fashion 2017

It is spring time and that calls for new fashion trends. From each season, trends come and go. This season, there are several fashion must haves that every woman has to try. In pageants, it is important to be aware of the differing trends when choosing dresses and interview outfits.

  1. Stripes – This spring, bold stripes are definitely a trend to try. The most popular colors to try are the primary colors with a touch of black. You can find striped dresses, tops, and skirt. It is a perfect way to enhance your wardrobe this spring.
  2. Floral – Obviously floral print a big spring trend, but this season it has changed a little bit. There are rompers on the market that come in floral print and are adorned with ruffles. Pair this cute romper with heels and you are ready to walk the runway or for a night on the town.
  3. Neon – Bright colors such as neon toned colors may not be in every woman’s closet, but it is becoming popular this spring. Neon can be difficult to match with other items, so try adding a neutral toned piece with the neon to balance it out. Nude is the perfect color to balance neon, so grab a neon top and make a statement.
  4. Khaki – Some woman find khaki to be either boring or only suitable for work attire. However, it is a timeless color that flatters any skin tone. Wear it as a one piece or throw on some khaki pants with a colorful top. Either way, you will be representing one of the top spring trends.

Each of these styles are up and coming this spring. Try one of these trends at work or rock the style on the stage at a pageant. Whatever the occasion may be, try one of these spring trends and make a statement!


Your Complete Back To School Guide!

School is back in session! Not feeling prepared? No worries, PageantToPhD is here with Your Complete Back To School Guide to get you prepped and confident for the school year ahead. Read on and enjoy! :)

1. Outfit Ideas


A new school year a new you right? The first day of classes was always exciting and nerve-wracking! I remember the first day of school being the one to make a statement and leave an impression, if you felt so inclined. I always enjoyed experimenting with fashion, and if you do too then here are some great back to school outfit ideas by two cute YouTubers with different styles.

Back To School Outfits

Back To High School Outfits ONE and TWO

Back to School Outfits for College

2. Backpack/Bags


Maybe some people are not as backpack or bag obsessed as I, but oh how I love my bags. Herschel is a favorite because of its wide and varied selection. They have an abundance of colors, shapes, and sizes to choose from. Explore, have fun, and enjoy! A cool printed backpack is just another way of expressing yourself!

3. Accessories


Whether you go to a school that has a uniform requirement or you just love accessories, they are another fun way to stand out from the pack! From fun hair ties to statement jewelry, accessories can definitely pull together a hairstyle or outfit.

4. School Utensils


I have always had a passion for unique notebooks, pens, and other school accouterments. Thus, back to school shopping was one of my favorite activities, as it meant I could buy a whole new assortment of school utensils that displayed my style. Check out this video for Michelle Phan’s fun Back To School Favorites, as well as these sections of Urban Outfitters for cool notebooks and other school supplies!

Don’t forget to CLICK the pictures and links to see the items!

P.S. What is your favorite back to school memory?


Summer Fashion 101

PageantToPhDblog.comSummer is fast approaching, and our wardrobes are in desperate need of bright colors and lighter materials. Luckily, PageantToPhD is here to help you lovely pageant ladies transition into the summer season flawlessly. Below are the top 10 trends for Summer 2014. So read on, and rejoice. Summer is almost here! :)

1.    Crop Tops Blouse-with-cropped-sleeve

Our love for the crop top continues! However, it has now taken even more forms (e.g., boxy, graphic, and floral). With warmer weather on the way, crop tops may be more of a blessing than a curse. Pair them with high-waisted skirts, shorts, and pants for a more balanced look.

2.    Pretty Pastels MintPastelShirt

Pastels are naturally a spring and summer go-to. The two most popular seem to be powder pink and mint. Both brighten and freshen up your wardrobe for spring and summer, and are beautiful in any form—from skirts to dresses.

3.    Keep it Graphic!Checked Shorts

Graphic designs and prints are majorly in this summer, and that includes everything geometric. Although colorful artsy graphics are popular, their black and white counterparts are equally so.

 4.    The Shirtdress

Articles and pictures of the shirtdress seem to have taken over the Shirt-DressInternet. In any incarnation they appear effortlessly chic. An easy, throw on and go dress that keeps you looking fashionable all day.

5.    Kick’n it Old School Backpack

Who thought backpacks for adults would be such a hit? From leather to mint, the backpack has been a popular accessory for this spring and summer. Practical and fun, the backpack is a great accessory for any pageant girl on the go.

6.    White, white, and more white! Coated-Skinny-Trousers

From white wide legged trousers to white blouses, white is as popular as ever. Almost every summer trend comes in white! And why not join the bandwagon? The color white reflects the sun, and can keep you cool through all those hot summer days. So why not add this wardrobe essential to your collection?

7.    Spoil Sport Leather-Cross-Over-Sandals-with-Platform

Is it possible to look sporty and chic? This summer it is. Thanks to the sport trousers and sporty sandals that have graced the runways. Looking athletic is neither difficult nor unfashionable this season. Run to your nearest mall to get into the trend.

8.    High-Tea Coated Pleated Skirt

Midi and long skirts are having a moment. One can’t help but imagine having high-tea in these classically beautiful long skirts. Especially when one considers all of the soft, pretty pastels they come in. They are a simple way to look feminine and put-together for the summer.

9.    Floral Loral ShortKimono

Florals are always a popular trend for spring and summer, and it’s hard not to jump on board when there are so many different colors and types to choose from! Personally, I’m rocking the floral kimonos. They bring an added pop to a simple outfit, but are airy enough to stay cool!

10. Sheer Terror?!Silk-Top-with-Lace-Appliqué

Sheers are a natural summer choice, as they are lightweight and breezy. And as the temperatures begin to mount it’s hard not to continually reach into your closet for sheer pieces. H&M currently has a nice, affordable selection of sheer tops to choose from. I grabbed a cool graphic one recently that I love.


10 Staple Pieces Every Woman Should Own

ID-100183916-stockimagesAs I got older, I pondered what pieces were absolute necessities for my wardrobe. To write this article I conferred with some knowledgeable ladies in my life, and came up with this list of 10 staple pieces every woman should own. Lacking some of these pieces? Use it as an excuse to have a little shopping day, trust me, your wardrobe will thank you! So try, explore, and enjoy my pageant starlets! :)

ID-10081346-stockimages1.     Classic Trench Coat 

Whether it’s in camel, black, navy, or even hounds tooth, a classic trench is a wardrobe must. Trench coats give the aura of old Hollywood glamour (think Catherine Deneuve), and can add a chic vibe to almost any outfit. Pair with a scarf for a more complete look. :)

2.     Black and Nude Pumps ID-100159612-marin

Black and nude pumps are just plain necessity in every woman’s closet. Just make sure they aren’t sky-high. Opt for a kitten heel or at most three inches; otherwise your feet will be killing you by the end of the day. These heels will look good with any dress, guaranteed. Wear black for a more polished or sultry look (depending on the outfit) or nude to elongate your legs and bring more attention to your outfit. Both are great shoes for running around to meet all your post-pageant engagements!

3.     Fitted Black Blazer hmprod

Make sure that your black blazer is a classic shape without embellishments and is fitted properly to your body. The black blazer is more versatile than some think. Wear it to work for a more professional vibe. Otherwise pair it with a loose-ish white t-shirt (something Alexander Wang-esque), boyfriend jeans, and black strappy heels for a day-to-night look.

4.     Little Black Dress (LBD) 1355af820e3c9a71096f5f8948a7cdd7153f7f05-burberry shift dress

When choosing your LBD make sure it’s versatile enough to be dressed down for the day or dressed up for the evening. Choose one in a classic shape such as shift dress that ends at or right above the knee. For a day look, pair with flats and simple jewelry. Then at night add high heels and a statement necklace for more flair. LBD’s are indispensable, and make dressing for a work function, night out, or post-pageant event easy and simple.

5.     Black Dress Pants pMAUR1-15734549v275-maurices-blackdresspants

Black dress pants are a work place staple. Wear them to an interview or on the job, either way people will know you mean business. Make sure they are tailored to truly flatter your body, and walk with confidence! Pair them with the aforementioned black pumps and a beautiful blouse and you will have a great pageant interview look.

6.     White, Collared Button Down Blouse cn7145755-oldnavy

Another great piece to own is a white, collared button down blouse. Make sure it fits you well, as you don’t want it too loose (it will seem frumpy) or too tight (not work appropriate). The great thing about this piece is that it can also be dressed up for work or down for play. Wear your white blouse with a pencil skirt and heels or dress pants for a professional look. Otherwise, tuck it in to a pair of butt-flattering jeans (either skinny or boyfriend), belt, add black pumps, and a statement bag. Now you’re ready to go out and about!

7.     Pearl Earrings and Necklace ID-1003967-Suat Eman

Nowadays people warn you not to wear pearl earrings with a pearl necklace, as it will date you. However, pearls are such a classic piece of jewelry that no woman should do without them. Whether for your wedding, someone else’s, a black tie function, or a formal pageant related event pearls are an easy, go-to piece. They give an outfit grace and sophistication without being over the top.

ID-10013649-Arvind Balaraman8.     Timeless Watch

Why a watch? A classic watch, nothing to blingy or trendy, will last through the decades.  A great watch will go with almost any outfit and is a great piece to pass on. Plus, watches can be a statement piece by themselves and require minimal additional jewelry to achieve the right look. Furthermore, watches can be dressed up or down with the outfit making them another staple wardrobe piece.

9.     Kelly Bag 7225-2120--hermes-black-box-leather-32cm-kelly-bag--portero

The Kelly Bag. One immediately pictures Hollywood glamour and royalty. Named after the beautiful Grace Kelly, the bag is a great statement piece with enough class to put other purses to shame. Sadly, the actual Kelly bag, designed Hermès, is out of most people’s comfortable price range. However, any bag that resembles it will do just fine, as it is the shape that is the most classic part. Carry this statement purse with you to and from your post-pageant engagements!

10.   Leather Jacket _8383615

A leather jacket! But why? This is because, for the most part, everyone loves a good leather jacket. They toughen up a cute dress; give jeans and a shirt a rocker chic look; and can make an all-black ensemble look even cooler. Plus they keep you warm in that in-between fall and spring weather. Leather jackets have been around for a while, and only seem to grow in popularity. So invest in a classic black one, or be daring and go for white! Both are neutral colors, although the black one is guaranteed to last for decades (they still sell ones from the 70’s all the time!).

P.S. Do you have a wardrobe staple you could not live without? Let us know for a future post! :)


5 Fashion Do’s and Don’ts

Hello my beautiful pageant starlets! I hope your holidays were both wonderful and relaxing. Also, sending Happy New Years wishes your way! :) To get back into the swing of things here are 5 Fashion Do’s and Don’ts that any girl, pageant or otherwise should abide by:

1.     Do invest in classic pieces ID-100163631-artur84

What defines a classic piece? It’s versatility and ability to last through the decades without falling prey to changes in trends. A few examples are a camel trench coat (navy and black work as well), a black blazer, and an LBD (little black dress). Throw a trench over any (and I mean any) outfit and you instantly add a little glamour and elegance. A well-fitted black blazer will stand the test of time and can work in-and-outside the office. Foremost, a LBD will never fail you for any pageant or non-pageant occasion and the right one can easily be dressed up or down. The most important thing to remember when purchasing these pieces is quality and how flattering they are. Because the styles are classic it is important that the pieces themselves are able to stand the test of time. Thus, spending just the right amount will guarantee a wardrobe filled with versatile, classic pieces that can be used both during and outside of your pageants.

 2.     Don’t be too trendy ID-10064660- posterize

We all fall prey to this especially with an abundance of affordable stores that turn out trendy pieces on after another. Now, there is nothing wrong with being on trend; however, buying pieces that will quickly fall out of style and will later date you is a bad idea, especially for pageants! Trying to find middle ground is far better, as certain styles usually do swing back into popularity. Thus, instead of buying a tight, bright or patterned crop top (a piece that was popular in the 90’s) purchase a neutral (black, dark grey, etc.) crop top with a more mature style, such as a high neckline with short or long sleeves. Pair it with a high-waisted, to-the-knee black pencil skirt and you look pulled together and chic without being too trendy. Keep this rule in mind when picking outfits for your pageant contest, choosing “fashion neutral” pieces will be better in the long run.

3.     Do experiment with color (and patterns!) ID-10049301-photostock

When I was younger my favorite color was navy blue. My wardrobe was essentially a sea of navy blue pieces without a shimmer of color. I eventually outgrew this stage, and I am proud to say that now my wardrobe looks more like a rainbow than it did before. When trying on clothes my motto is “you won’t know if it looks good until you try it on.” I was surprised how flattering some colors could be, which I had previously shied away from. Embracing different colors and patterns will not only brighten up your wardrobe, but also bring you plenty of welcome attention should you choose flattering, fun pieces. Who knows, you may discover a new beautiful and unexpected color to add to your pageant wardrobe as well! :)

4.     Don’t go to tanning booths

ID-100214224-stockimagesDon’t get me wrong. Almost every girl (pageant or otherwise) wants to glow like a goddess. However, tanning booths/salons are NOT the way to do it. Even sun baking outside is bad. The best way to get that golden glow for pageants is through affordable drugstore products (Jergens Natural Glow is a personal favorite), high-end products (St. Tropez anyone?), or a spray tan. All three of which will keep your skin looking younger longer (than if you should tan) and cancer free. Just to convince you a little more of the negative effects of tanning check out Tanning Myths: What’s Truth and What’s Hype?and Ten Tips to a Healthy Tan.” Why enhance the effects of aging through tanning, when we can achieve something similar without harming our bodies?

 5.     Do revamp your wardrobe ID-10046777-photostock

This rule illustrates another common phenomena: we get comfortable with certain pieces in our closet and continually wear them until we should wear them no longer (although we still do!). Occasionally, everyone should revamp their wardrobe throwing out the old and bringing in the new. By experimenting with color or investing in some more classic pieces, every pageant girl can revamp their wardrobe to look fresh, new, and inspiring. A little “spring cleaning” for your closet will bring more harm than good. So step away from those seven-year-old worn-in boots, and start revamping! :)

If you are interested in the tanning products listed above you can click the images below to check them out!