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Beauty on a Budget: Foundation

Beauty on a Budget: Foundation

Beauty on a Budget_ FoundationWondering what budget product we are covering this month? Hint: It’s an important base to every pageant girl’s makeup routine–Foundation! Foundations can get quite expensive and because we use foundation everyday, it can become a burden on the wallet. But do not fear my pageant starlets, beauty on a budget will give you the most for your money. Here below is a list of the top 5 budget foundations. Enjoy! :)

1.    Revlon: Nearly Naked Foundation (Pressed Powder & Liquid)

Revlon is a drugstore favorite, and thus it is no surprise that one of their foundations made Beauty on a Budget’s list of top drugstore foundations. This foundation was great for a no-makeup look. Skin looks flawless and the foundation gives light, buildable coverage. Furthermore, reviewers liked Revlon’s Nearly Naked foundation because it was creamy, but not too thick. Perfect for an effortless pageant makeup look!

 2.    L’Oreal Paris: True Match Foundation

By far one of the more popular on the list, L’Oreal Paris’s True Match foundation was a resounding success. The brand comes in 33 different shades categorized by three undertones (i.e., warm, neutral, and cool). Thus, a pageant girl will have no trouble finding the perfect shade! Additionally, they are oil-free, which translates to non-greasy, longer-wear because it is less likely to slough off as the day wears on. The foundation also has medium, buildable coverage meaning you already start off with a good base. Another bonus? This foundation was named InStyle’s Best Inexpensive Foundation for 2013!

 3.    Revlon: Colorstay Foundation

Out of all the products I discovered during my research, this was by far the most popular. What is the number one reason to love this foundation? It’s staying power! Many reviewers agreed that it lasted up to 12 hours without the foundation rubbing off or transferring on to hands or clothes. This foundation also has a large number of shades to choose from categorized by normal/dry skin or oily/combination skin. Reviewers appear to prefer the latter formula no matter your skin type for it has an amazing matte finish that still looks natural and not powdery. The coverage is also good and the formula blends well into the skin.

4.    Neutrogena: Healthy Skin Foundation (Enhancer & Liquid)

Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Foundation came in a variety of types from sheers to compacts. However, every incarnation of the Healthy Skin Foundation was loved for different reasons.

The Skin Enhancer formula was loved because it had retinol and SPF protection, both of which are great for enhancing and protecting skin. The coverage is sheer to medium, and it acts a good tinted moisturizer.

The liquid foundation is the most popular and gave reviewers a glowy, dewy finish without being cakey. Furthermore, it was hydrating and helped even skin tone without being too heavy on the skin making it perfect for winter or summer. This brand is best for drier skin, as it is very moisturizing, and it may need to be set with powder if it looks too dewy.  Also, don’t expect full coverage with this brand, and keep in mind a limited color range may lead to mixing two different shades. Despite these shortcomings, the liquid foundation was nonetheless loved for keeping its promise and making skin look healthy!

6. CoverGirl: Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation

This brand was popular for the fact that one could skip priming and concealing the skin and go straight to the foundation (3-in-1)! Because of its priming and concealing properties, the foundation has pretty full coverage, so you won’t need to build on the first layer. It dries to a nice matte, but non-powdery, finish. Furthermore, it has lasting power (up to 9 hours)! The only critique is that it sometimes dries a shade or two darker than when originally applied.

P.S. What is your favorite drugstore foundation? Comment in the box below and let me know! :)




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