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Beauty on a Budget: Eye Shadow

Beauty on a Budget: Eye Shadow

ID-10084406-jackthummOh, beauty products…how quickly $100 has slipped through our fingers at Sephora, MAC, or any number of cosmetic counters. So how does a pageant girl on a budget find products that provide quality for the right price?

Look no further than the nearest drugstore! Looking great doesn’t have to be expensive. Although magazines keep luring us into spending $40 or more on phenomenal foundations or beautifully crafted eye shadow compacts, sometimes it is better to stay within our monetary limits. This is where many drugstore brands come into play.

Yes, their advertisements are ubiquitous (we can find a CoverGirl ad in almost any magazine), but some of us avoid these brands fearing we may be sacrificing quality. Not so fast! Beauty on a budget means finding quality in the least expensive of places…so below are a few brands and products that provide quality for a great price! :)

Eye Shadow Edition:

1.     L’Oreal Paris: H.I.P. High Intensity Pigments
People loved these shadows because they were highly pigmented and lasted! Be careful not to apply too much, you can always layer on more color for more drama! The best part is that they apply as smoothly and seamlessly as a higher quality eye shadow. Talk about quality for a great price! You can glow even more at your pageant knowing you look great and didn’t pay ridiculous amounts to do so.

2.     Maybelline New York: Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24 HR Cream Gel Shadow
Similar to L’Oreal Paris’ H.I.P. these colors were made to last all day, and according to proponents they do! Although they come in a creamy consistency, the color is still workable, but it dries not too long after application: so blend, blend, blend! Once applied you will have a look that will last all day during your pageant with no need to reapply. :)

3.     Wet N’ Wild: Eye Shadow Palette
Wet N’ Wild is always a drugstore favorite whether for eye shadows or lipsticks because you get a lot for your money ($.99 lipstick anyone?). Plus they come in so many fun, pigmented shades! You can find almost any color, which makes the brand a great, cheap way to experiment and play with your pageant makeup look.

4.     Maybelline New York: Eye Studio Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow Quad
In general, Maybelline’s eye shadows usually take the cake. Whether it’s the quad or the color tattoo shadows their colors are pigmented and last almost all day (even through my mid-afternoon naps!). What’s nice about these quads is that they come in shades that work well with one another and you have a chance to experiment with different techniques or crazy colors (check out the blue palette!).

5.     Milani: Runway Eyes
Milani was a drugstore favorite because its colors blended well together while remaining pigmented. Additionally, the colors in the palette work beautifully together to create a gorgeous look you can rock at your pageant (they aren’t called Runway Eyes for nothing!).

6.     L’Oreal Paris: Infallible Eye Shadow
According to these shadows are the less pricey version of Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill. Another example of quality at a great price! Once again these shades are super pigmented making them last longer and stay brighter. Additionally, the texture is smooth and silky making application a cinch! You can have a more affordable version of killer eyes to flaunt at your pageant. :)


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