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Miss America Review

First, let’s talk the new Miss America, Miss Georgia 2015, Betty Cantrell.  I really like her and certainly appreciate what she brings to the image of Miss America.  Her platform is Healthy Children, Strong America which gives some hint into why she did so well in lifestyle and fitness.  Her talent, was a beautiful opera piece (I have the EXACT same dress she wore for talent- I use it for evening gown!).

In recent years, The Miss America Organization has received some heat for crowning girls “less talented” than some of the other competitors. I don’t think anyone will be saying that this year.  On her Miss America bio, she says she wants to perform on Broadway and if you saw the program, you shouldn’t be surprised when you see her there in a few years.  I am so excited for her and the year she has in store traveling the nation.  Did you know Miss America 2015, Kira Kazantsev, traveled over 20,000 miles each month and was in a new city every two days?! That means our friend Betty has some big shoes to fill and a busy year ahead.

There are a few lessons we can learn from our new Miss America.  First, she stepped on her dress and stumbled during evening gown.  Her mistake even showed on her face yet it obviously did not hurt her score too much.  Also, when asked her onstage question, she had to have it repeated because she didn’t hear it the first time.  She even said herself that she thought she blew her answer to the question (something that is interesting to admit only moments after being crowned).

Let’s talk about another aspect of the competition: the private interview.  Unfortunately, the viewer does not get to see what happens behind closed doors which totals for a large percentage of the overall score.  I think this often times explains why the viewer is confused when a contestant does or does not make the top 15, 12, 7, 5, etc. It is very important to remember that you are only seeing a portion of the competition.  In order to succeed in the program, you certainly have to do well in the interview area.

I think Betty teaches us a lesson not only about how important interview is, but how important it is to keep your poise throughout the entirety of the competition.  I’m sure she was worrying back stage she bungled away her chance of becoming Miss America and was likely very disappointed in her bloopers BUT that did not stop her from taking the crown.  She proved that your performance doesn’t have to be your best in order to do well and it all comes down to interview!  To learn how to do your best in interview, check out the book found here: