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Pageat Interview Queen


Dr. Stephanie Raye

Who am I and why do I care so much about how well you interview?  Because I’ve been there!

deLuseLrgPicI know from personal experience how challenging (and fun!) pageants can be and how important interview skills are to your success. When I won my state pageant it became perfectly clear to me that before I headed to the nationals in Florida I needed to further master interviewing skills because, face it, all of the contestants are beautiful–so it is how well we interview that will make the difference!

I was so excited when I won the national pageant and enjoyed my year of title-holder’s duties. Then I went on to complete my education through the Doctoral (Ph.D.) level and become a professor at a prestigious college.  There I am an award-winning teacher and prize-nominated writer. The skills I learned in my pageant days help me more often than you might imagine!

That’s why I like the title “Pageant To PhD” and the tagline on the book cover is “a pageant is just the beginning…”

…because whether you have a clear future in mind or are open to what unfolds ahead of you the personal and professional development that comes from thoughtful preparation and participation in pageants will help you succeed.

Since my title-holding days, I’ve followed pageants and realized that I can assist the contestants be their best by blending my years as a communication professional with my background in pageants. Please join the community I’m aiming to create through my websites and materials…together we can help a lot of contestants have a more fun and effective pageant experience (and life!) and take pageantry to a new level of respect.

Brittney Thurman

Brittney Thurman Hello my beauties! My name is Brittney Thurman and I am a Freshman at Arizona State University. I am currently studying Business Marketing within the Barrett Honors Program offered at ASU. Modeling is one of my passions, for I enjoy the industry and what it has to offer. I also am familiar with the pageant world through modeling. Through both industries, I have been acquainted with incredible and empowering women. In addition to modeling and pageantry, beauty and fashion are my favorite topics to enlighten others about. Over the years, I have familiarized myself with the many components of beauty and fashion and continue to keep up with the newest fashion must-haves. During my spare time I find myself watching makeup tutorials, researching the top skincare line, or hunting for the latest fashion trend. I am very excited to share my knowledge with each and every one of you gorgeous ladies! Xoxo




Audrey Powell

IMG_0057-Edit-4Hello lovelies! I am Audrey Powell, a freshman at Arizona State University studying Industrial Design.  Pageants have always played a large role in my life- I competed in my first one when I was 7 (not like the toddlers and tiaras ones- this one had a 5 min. interview!) and have continued to do them ever since.  I have competed in over 13.  This past June, I placed in the Top 10 at Miss Idaho  and feel so accomplished and proud of myself.  Since I compete in the Miss America Organization, I perform a talent of clogging.  To watch a clip of my talent- follow me on Instagram @audreypowell101

I hope to teach you more about the pageant world and want to make you feel more confident in your pageant career.  Best of luck!


Shreya Wadkar

Shreya_Flex_BioPhotoHello, ladies! My name is Shreya, and I’m a sophomore in college, planning to graduate with a degree in Business Communications. I have a huge passion for anything artistic, be it movies, theatre, fine arts, music, or even beauty and fashion. I’m all about keeping things natural beauty-wise, as often times nature knows best! You’ll see a lot of posts from me on the things I value and enjoy and that includes good skincare and pampering. Yes, pampering, because everyone deserves to pamper themselves every now and then. I look forward to sharing all of my beauty and skincare tips, tricks, and recommendations with you!




Madison Bai

Madison2Hello my lovely pageant ladies! I’m Madison, a sophomore in college planning on graduating with a BA in Business Global Politics and with a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate. I love to travel, and have been lucky enough to be given the opportunity to traverse the United States, Europe, and Asia. Travelling built my love of language (I am proficient in Spanish and I am learning German). In regard to fashion and beauty, I spend almost all my spare time reading fashion magazines and blogs and watching YouTube beauty tutorials. Thus, I am very excited to share with you the knowledge I have accumulated over the years! If you have any beauty/fashion tips or tricks for me I would love to hear them (post them in the comments sections of any of my blogs). And if there is anything you would like to hear/learn about let me know, and I will do my best to oblige you! Keep shining my beautiful pageant stars! :-)


Sasha Robinson

SashaHello ladies! I’m Sasha, a “California Girl” majoring in Justice with a minor in Women’s Studies. I am passionate about equality for women and bettering the portrayal of women in the media. I hope to improve the mental and physical health of teen girls through increasing their awareness about nutrition and self-esteem. Some of my favorite things include frozen yogurt and dancing in my room to the latest pop hits. Most of my free time is spent playing intramural volleyball, working out at the gym, eating chocolate cake, and studying with chai tea in hand. I’ve modeled before and have friends who have handled their perceptions of beauty in both healthy and unhealthy ways. Let’s always choose the healthy ways!  I look forward to sharing tips to help you be healthy and happy as you pursue your dreams!


Audrey Novy

Audrey Novy

Hello beautiful pageant queens! My name is Audrey, and I am a Barrett, The Honors College student at Arizona State University pursuing a bachelor of science in Nutrition Dietetics. I am passionate about health, and have always been intrigued and amazed by the human body. I am a huge foodie, and I am willing to try just about anything (as long as I’m not allergic to it). I learned about the Mediterranean Diet on a nutrition study abroad trip, and the superlative I received from my professors was the “Most Adventurous Eater” because I was not going to turn down an opportunity to try something different. My favorite food is pizza, and I was featured on the national Instagram for my sorority Chi Omega, wearing a shirt that said: Chi-Os Just Wanna Have Pizza, while eating a slice of the pizza I made from scratch in Florence. Additionally, I consider coffee the nectar of the gods. My favorite way to consume my fruits and vegetables is in a green smoothie for breakfast. I love staying active, and I absolutely love running and hiking; I’m basically an endorphin junkie. I’ve been a long distance runner since I was 13 years old. I ran my first half marathon when I was 20 years old, and am determined to cross running a marathon off of my bucket list once I finish my undergraduate degree. I love doing my makeup because it is the only artistic skill I possess. Eyeshadow is by far my favorite kind of makeup. I also aspire to own an extensive shoe and purse collection in the future. My favorite annual shows are The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Miss America, Miss USA, and the Superbowl.


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