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Pageat Interview Queen

Dress for Pageant Success

What you choose to wear in pageant interview can either help or hurt your score so it is important to choose your outfit wisely.  Besides, you have (hopefully) done all the work to prepare by reading the book, so now it is time to look fabulous for your pageant interview!  All of the information in this post is expounding off of the book, Pageant Interviewing Success Made Easy

Starting from the bottom up:

Shoes- your shoes should complement your outfit.  Preferably heels, they should be trendy and easy to walk in (you don’t want to trip as you walk into your interview!).  If you have a busy outfit, opt for simpler shoes and vice versa.

Suit- Unless your pageant requires a suit, I would go for a dress.  Suits seem very outdated for interview these days.  Same with skirt and blouse combos.  It can be pulled off, but a dress, in my opinion, is not only safer but also a better look.

Dress- Pick something you LOVE! This will make a world of a difference in how you portray yourself to the judges.  For example, I have a super light pink (almost looks white) Jennifer Lopez dress with a perfect silver accent belt.  I wear this with peach shoes and jewelry.  Every time I put on this dress, I know it means business.  Why? When I wear my interview dress, I feel fresh. I feel physically clean, mentally clear, and emotionally open to answer questions.  Find a dress that does that for you!  And just like with every other phase of the competition, make sure the color and size fits you.  I would also avoid wearing black.  Choose a color that is going to pop, stand out, and help the judges remember who you are in interview.  As for length, it should be age appropriate and fitting for the system you are in.  More conservative pageants call for longer hem lines as well as a younger age group or older one.

Jewelry- speaking from personal experience, when I wear rings or bracelets, I fiddle with them.  This means that I am never going to allow myself to wear a ring or bracelet in interview.  But that is okay because it also means that I get to wear over the top, chunky, glamorous necklaces.  Your jewelry should complement your outfit and not be distracting from you or what you have to say.

Makeup- keep makeup light.  The makeup you wear in interview should be more like what you wear every day.  Do not go too dark or dramatic on eye shadow, bronzer, nor lipstick.  Keep things light and fresh.

Hair- Whatever you do, just make sure you do not have hair in your face- no one wants to be distracted by that.  Whether you wear your hair down, up, straight, curly, etc. keep in simple and let it complement your face shape.

For additional tips, read Pageant Interviewing Success: Optimizing Your Outfit

Have we sensed a theme yet? Let every part of your look complement another aspect of your pageant interview appearance for the day.  And lastly, someone once told me that when you walk into interview, the judges are picturing what you will look like when you make appearances as a titleholder.  So…dress for the job.  Take a deep breath.  And walk into the interview room like you already won.


Miss America Review

First, let’s talk the new Miss America, Miss Georgia 2015, Betty Cantrell.  I really like her and certainly appreciate what she brings to the image of Miss America.  Her platform is Healthy Children, Strong America which gives some hint into why she did so well in lifestyle and fitness.  Her talent, was a beautiful opera piece (I have the EXACT same dress she wore for talent- I use it for evening gown!).

In recent years, The Miss America Organization has received some heat for crowning girls “less talented” than some of the other competitors. I don’t think anyone will be saying that this year.  On her Miss America bio, she says she wants to perform on Broadway and if you saw the program, you shouldn’t be surprised when you see her there in a few years.  I am so excited for her and the year she has in store traveling the nation.  Did you know Miss America 2015, Kira Kazantsev, traveled over 20,000 miles each month and was in a new city every two days?! That means our friend Betty has some big shoes to fill and a busy year ahead.

There are a few lessons we can learn from our new Miss America.  First, she stepped on her dress and stumbled during evening gown.  Her mistake even showed on her face yet it obviously did not hurt her score too much.  Also, when asked her onstage question, she had to have it repeated because she didn’t hear it the first time.  She even said herself that she thought she blew her answer to the question (something that is interesting to admit only moments after being crowned).

Let’s talk about another aspect of the competition: the private interview.  Unfortunately, the viewer does not get to see what happens behind closed doors which totals for a large percentage of the overall score.  I think this often times explains why the viewer is confused when a contestant does or does not make the top 15, 12, 7, 5, etc. It is very important to remember that you are only seeing a portion of the competition.  In order to succeed in the program, you certainly have to do well in the interview area.

I think Betty teaches us a lesson not only about how important interview is, but how important it is to keep your poise throughout the entirety of the competition.  I’m sure she was worrying back stage she bungled away her chance of becoming Miss America and was likely very disappointed in her bloopers BUT that did not stop her from taking the crown.  She proved that your performance doesn’t have to be your best in order to do well and it all comes down to interview!  To learn how to do your best in interview, check out the book found here:


Pageant Body Ready

You’ve done the hard part and prepped for your pageant interview, now its time to focus on the important details that can move you from runner-up to title holder.  Being on stage makes your body look entirely different.  In this post, I will share with you all of the information I gleaned the hard way through my pageant endeavors!

Fingernails- Keep it neutral and light.  You don’t want your nails to distract the judges from the content of your answer when you are speaking.  French tip nails are always a safe bet

Toes- your toenails should look nicely kept.  They need to have a neutral polish color.  If you have a light color on your nails, your toes can be a little darker.  If you choose to have color, make sure it goes nicely with your shoes and all of your looks for the pageant and the pageant interview.  When you are on stage, the judges are very close to your feet and you don’t want to waste any stage time with them looking at your toenail polish.  The goal here is that they never notice your toes.  Keep that in mind and you will be good to go.

Eyebrows- I debated placing these within the “body hair” category but figure they are important enough that they deserve their own section.  Many makeup artists will tell you that your eyebrows frame your face and especially your eyes. Please, for the love of the eyebrow gods, please make sure your eyebrows look kept.  Having unkempt, messy, bushy eyebrows will make you seem more juvenile- something you surely do not want to do once you reach the teen category.  Go to a professional and get them waxed.  I promise you it doesn’t hurt that bad, and when it does hurt, it is only for a second.  And as they say, beauty is pain.  Plus, the pain of having perfect eyebrows is so worth it!  Do it and I promise you will not regret it.

Body Hair- make sure your legs and armpits are shaved.  Not only does this look nicer, but it also helps your tan go on better.  Plus, when your legs are shaved it creates a slimmer look.  Some contestants also choose to shave their arms- that one is up to you.  Also, some girls have their hair waxed.  If you choose to wax, test it a few months before your pageant date to make sure your body reacts with it fine.  If the results are positive, get waxed a few days prior to your pageant and not the day before- you do not need any puffiness nor redness.  When your body is shaved, it makes your tan look better which brings us to the next point… the tan.

Tan- Ah, the infamous tan.  Most contestants will opt for a spray tan.  I’ve learned (the hard way, I might add) that it is much better to have someone spray you rather than going to a booth.  When you go to a booth, it ends up uneven, there is always a streak, and it tends to be darker in places than in others (this normally isn’t noticeable on stage but can be in your pageant interview.  I found a great lady who charges only fifteen dollars and will customize your tan to you.  Unlike the booths which are supposed to make you the same tone from head to toe, having someone tan you gives you the ability to make certain areas darker (like legs!) and leave others light (like your face!).  Personally, I know I feel and perform so much better when I feel confident about how I look.  Ensuring that I have a good tan is one of the best ways to ensure that.

However, if you do not like spray tans, there is always the option to go to tanning beds.  I’ve also gone this route and would advise using an accelerator when you tan.  Also, plan to start tanning a few months before your event to give your skin plenty of time to heal in the process.  I found tanning beds usually end up being a much more expensive route and are certainly less healthy.

Skin- treat your skin right!  Pageant time always brings a lot of stress so ensuring you are drinking enough water and getting plenty of rest is a step in the right direction for healthy skin.  For skincare tips, check out the Pinterest board!

Hair- If you color your hair, get it colored about a week before the pageant.  Similarly, if you are planning on cutting it before pageant day, especially if it is a dramatic change, get it done with plenty of time to spare so you can get accustomed to styling your hair.  Don’t save your haircut for last minute.  Besides, what if something awful happens at your haircut? You will not have the time to fix it!

Keep your hair looking sleek.  There are lots of different types of oils and products that work great for this.  Again, we have some great Pinterest boards so take a look at our one on hair!

Please do not hesitate to comment any questions- especially those pertaining to your look in your interview.  I have competed enough that if I do not have personal experience, I have a good pageant friend who probably does!  Either way, your questions will be answered.




Frown to Perfect Pageant Gown

Not sure what to wear for the evening wear portion of the pageant?  Turn that frown into your dream gown by following these simple tips.

Evening gowns are important for a couple reasons.  Whatever you win in becomes your signature look.  Nothing else you wear during your pageant year will be even half as memorable as your look in evening gown.  Guaranteed.  Evening gown is also the pageant judging portion where most contestants feel their best and like the princess their five year old self always wanted to be.

Before we get started, there is something we could all remember when it comes to choosing our evening gowns.  I know you don’t want to hear it, and I certainly did not want to hear it either (at first), but it is the truth:  there will always be someone to hate your gown and someone to love it.  Isn’t that a little like life though?  There will always be someone to approve of our actions just as there will always be someone to disagree with them.  And who says pageants aren’t relevant to real life? ;)

Back to the point.  When you are picking a pageant evening gown there are a few things to remember.  Starting with the most important…

Does your dress fit your personality?

Style.  Your dress truly needs to be a representation of yourself.  If you want the pageant judges to remember your softer side, you probably do not want to go with a dress with a high slit, low neckline, and lots of sheer material.  That would be silly.  Why?  The look just described is better for someone with a little more spunk or wanting to come across as sexy.  Before you even start the hunt for your gown, make a list of adjectives describing how you want to come across in your gown (warm, graceful, classic, bold, unique, sexy, etc.)

Color.  Color is another extremely important aspect when it comes to choosing the proper gown for you.  Whatever style you choose, it is important that you get it in a color that compliments your hair and skin tone.  Some colors, as much as we love them, just do not look good on us.  Been there.  Done that.  However, there are some colors that we tend to stay away from that actually look great on us on stage!  Been there.  Done that too.  When I was growing up, sometime along the way, I was told I should never wear the color red because I have red hair.  So for years, I did not own a single thing in my closet that was red!  Then one day, while I was searching for my next gown, I came across a beautiful red Mac Duggal and knew it had my name on it… or on the label.  This gown has worked well for me and taught me that every color deserves a second chance.

Is it appropriate?

Ah.  This one is always a little difficult.  I think it is always best to error a little more on the conservative side rather than too risqué especially when you do not know how conservative your judges are.  It is also important to be aware of the system you are competing in.  Have you looked at the gowns of past pageant winner?  Were their dresses modest or revealing?  What about those who placed in the top 5?  I recommend going through the past three years of photos to get a better idea.

It is also important to consider your age division and the level of the pageant.  The bigger the pageant, the more you can get away with revealing gowns. However, even if you are a teen at a national pageant, it is a good idea to still keep your look conservative.

How does it make you feel?

When you step into your gown, do you want to feel like Beyoncé or Kate Middleton?  Cinderella, perhaps?  Either way, when you wear your gown, you should be feeling your best- you deserve it!  It is the portion of the competition where you can sit back (or stand up in those tall heels) and enjoy your moment.

Can you see yourself winning in it?

So you’re thinking to yourself that this could be the gown.  Now, the next step is to picture yourself wearing it and being crowned the pageant titleholder.  Can you see it?  Speaking from personal experience, often times I get to this step and realize this is not the dress for me.  Maybe it is too plain or too “out there” but I just get a feeling that it is time to move on and find a new dress.

Is it a good investment?

You’re almost ready for commitment!  You have talked it over with your family or friends and now you look at the price tag to see how it works with your budget.  I forgot to talk about this.  YOU MUST HAVE A BUDGET BEFORE YOU START SHOPPING.  YOU MUST.  A $6,000 gown will always look better than a $100 one.  But, is it worth the difference?  Are you willing to break the bank to win this title?  If so, I say go after the gown of your dreams!  If you are like me and compete for the sake of earning scholarships, spending such excessive amounts on a dress is just not a wise investment.

Before investing in a gown, you also need to decide how long you want to use it for.  Is this for a single pageant or are you hoping to make it your gown for the next 3 years?  If you align yourself more to the latter, it may be best to choose a more timeless style so that you will still look trendy in a few years.

Best of luck with your shopping!