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All-Natural Beauty: Skin Care Part II

All-Natural Beauty_Skin Care Part IIWelcome back my beautiful pageant ladies! This is part two of our introduction to all-natural, organic skin care. Thus, here are three more top organic skincare brands loved and revered for their list of healthy, wholesome organic ingredients and other green beauty benefits (e.g., no animal testing!). So dig in and enjoy! :)

Neal Yard Remedies

This brand has not quite hit the U.S. mainstream yet (at least that I am aware of), but it is a U.K. organic favorite. Their top sellers are their Wild Rose Beauty Balm and their Frankincense Hydrating Cream (which is apparently worth fighting over according to the women at Marie Claire U.K.). NYR stands by 100% organic ingredients and providing as quality a product as possible. Their website is great at breaking down what they have in their products and why they do what they do. Another great brand for high quality organic products!

Juice Beauty

This brand originated in California, and has become increasingly popular over the last few years. I even sampled their face moisturizer via Birchbox and loved it! Another great bonus aside from organic ingredients is that their products are clinically validated. That means that their products are proven to work–such as in reducing fine lines and alleviating acne. If these are things you suffer from definitely check out Juice Beauty and their lines, which cater to different skin care needs!


Another German organic skincare brand, Weleda is similar to Dr. Hauschka in that all their ingredients are grown in biodynamic gardens. Weleda’s most popular product is their skin food, which is a great moisturizer for the body and hands! Weleda is a popular organic skincare brand because of their fair trade values, organic ingredients, and products that get the job done!

I hope this overview of some top organic brands helped give you guys some options to explore and try! Feel free to purchase sample kits or travel sizes as testers from their websites, or hit up your local Whole Foods to purchase them as well!

Also, don’t forget to CLICK the brand names, they lead to where you can buy the products!


All-Natural Beauty: Skin Care Part I

All-Natural Beauty_Skin Care Part I(1)Hello my lovely pageant ladies! Skin care is such an important part of every woman’s beauty routine, and I think being more conscious of what we put on our bodies is equally as important. Recently, my skin has not been behaving so well, so I have decided to scrap my normal routine and try to go all-organic.

Thus, I decided to bring my skincare journey to you guys! There is not a huge amount of literature that concretely says which organic brands are the best or what organic products are the best. However, after scouring the Internet and reading through almost a bajillion posts and watching Youtubers’ reviews, I have come up with a few top-notch organic brands that seem to be pretty popular.

Dr. Hausckha

Dr. Hauschka is a biodynamic, German skincare brand. What is biodynamic? Biodynamic is a more holistic way to view the agricultural process. It combines ethics, ecology, and spirituality for a more wholesome process. One could surmise that it is one step up from organic. The brand attempts to keep the body within its natural rhythm by creating products that balance your skin out rather than hiding or covering up the problem temporarily. Their top products are their Cleansing Milk and Rose Day Cream.

In addition to their skin care they also have a makeup line that wins quite a few awards for being green and organic. The brand has been around since the late 1960s and being all natural has always been their motto, what more could a pageant girl ask for?

Dr. Bronners

People seem to have an unending love affair with Dr. Bronners. This may have to do with the laundry list of things their soap is capable of in addition to the fact it is fair trade and organic. From washing dishes to washing your body, this brand does it right. People also enjoy their lip balms and lotions. They have a delectable range of scents from energizing peppermint to calming lavender. No matter your tastes having a bottle of Dr. Bronners around will never fail you. Great for a no-nonsense pageant girl!

Michael Todd

YouTubers LOVED Michael Todd. Their favorite products? The Honey & Oat Deep Pore Gel Cleanser, Citrus Cream Moisturizer, Tropical Fruit Scrub, and the Knu Anti-Aging Serum. The products boast organic ingredients and a “made in the USA” stamp. No animal testing is another great bonus and the lack of parabens and other artificial ingredients make for feel good, safe skin care products. People overall seemed to really enjoy Michael Todd’s products, and I would definitely give them ago. They are affordable and offer skin care recommendations based on your skin type!

Hoped these summarized reviews helped! I’ll be testing new organic skin care products, and if I like them they’ll pop up on my favorite products for the month posts. Stay tuned because I will discuss three more organic skin care brands in “All-Natural Beauty: Skin Care Part II!”

Also, don’t forget to CLICK the brand names, they lead to where you can buy the products!


Beauty on a Budget: Nail Polish

Beauty on a Budget_ Nail Polish

Nails are an important part of any pageant girl’s look. Well-kept nails make you look put together and chic. However, nail polish, especially when worn on your hands, seems to chip within days. Not so good, so we end up shelling out more than we like for high end nail polish that last. What if I told you that you could find budget nail polishes that do the same? Well, PageantToPhD is here to bring you our top 5 budget nail polishes that will last, dry fast, and get the job done!

1. Essie Nail Polish

Essie’s large range of colors, cute packaging, and long wear make it a favorite amongst reviewers. These nail polishes have a beautiful shine sans topcoat, and they also have a fun variety of textures from glitter to satin. Additionally, they can last about a week and cost under $10!

2. Revlon Colorstay Nail Enamel

Revlon has once again made our budget beauty list! Reviewers loved this nail polish for its naturally glossy finish and its chip-free nature. Its consistency is thinner than other brands, but this helps prevent chipping, which makes it last longer. Despite the thinness of the formula, it does not dry streaky. Overall, the nail polish’s quick-drying, long-lasting qualities make it a drugstore favorite. Perfect for a pageant girl on the go!

3. China Glaze

One of the hallmarks of China Glaze’s popularity is its ridiculously large color selection. The colors are very saturated, and best of all they last! You see China Glaze all over the internet, especially Pinterest. Their diverse color selection, and coveted “For Audrey,” which is a Tiffany’s blue, make them a must have drugstore nail polish for any pageant girl!

4. Sally Hanson Xtreme Wear Nail Color & Complete Salon Manicure

Sally Hanson is a drugstore favorite for its large variety of colors and nail polish lines (e.g., Xtreme Wear and Insta-Dri). The Sally Hanson nail polishes did the job, and did it well. Most reviewers found no need for a topcoat because of the thick, glossy formula. Another bonus was the nice price range, starting at $1.99 and up. A great bargain for a budget-bound pageant girl!

5. Wet n’ Wild MegaLast Nail Polish

Wet n’ Wild is always a budget beauty favorite because of its low price point and large variety making it a great brand to affordably try new colors. Reviewers loved MegaLast because of its fast-drying, true-to-color, and long-lasting properties. Furthermore, the under $3 price is hard to beat. A pageant girl can look great for less, and still have money to buy even more budget brands!

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