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Favorite Products for May

Favorite Beauty Products for MayThe end of May is here and so is another “Favorite Products of the Month!” I am very excited for this month’s products because they have become some of my absolute favorites! From lipsticks to body scrubs this month is packed full of fun, brightly packaged products that will bring a smile to your face. So check’em out and enjoy! :)

1.    M.A.C. Lipsticks (Morange, Sunny Seoul, & Candy Yum Yum)

M.A.C. is renowned for its lipsticks, at least among the beauty mavens on YouTube. For a long time I had yet to own any M.A.C. lipsticks, but recently I have been inducted into the M.A.C. lipstick lovers fandom. I recommend that every pageant girl at least owns one or two! These lipsticks are awesome, and they come in such a wide variety it borderlines overwhelming. I was able to narrow down my choices thanks to the YouTubers I follow, and have happily purchased the three colors mentioned in the title.

Morange is a bright orange that seems to just work well on anyone. It fades to a pleasant coral color over the course of the day, and is a great statement lipstick. Candy Yum Yum is another statement lipstick. It’s an in-your-face bright pink that means business. It almost borderlines retro for me, and thus makes it simply amazing. Sunny Seoul is tame compared to the previous two, and is a wonderful pink summery shade. Perfect for applying on the go, it is a great lipstick to have stored on hand at all times! :)

 2.    Tarte: Smooth Operator™ Amazonian Clay Waterproof Concealer

Foundation and concealer have never been my friends. I have not used foundation in the last four years and use concealers sparingly. This is because I have an absolutely horrid time trying to find a color that matches my skin tone. I am mixed (Asian and Caucasian); the result is a golden yellow and pink skin tone that borders porcelain and fair depending on the season.

I had almost given up hope when I discovered this concealer by Tarte! It blends nicely into my skin tone, but is ever so slightly lighter, which is great because then it brightens my under eyes. Furthermore, this stuff is waterproof, which translates into staying power. So far I have loved it, and definitely recommend to any pageant girls who struggles with the same skin tone problem I have!

 3.    Benefit Cosmetics: Gimme Brow

I heard about this product, and was skeptical at first. Then I watched an infomercial (yes a Benefit infomercial), and was somewhat convinced. I took a chance and bought it, and have loved it since. It subtly fills in brows and gives them more volume in the best way possible. They don’t look drawn in, and instead the formula fills in sparse areas to give you a fuller looking brow. A definite must for any pageant ladies that suffer from sparse or thin brows!

 4.    Soap & Glory: Sugar Crush™ Body Scrub & Flake Away™ Body Polish

May I just say, holey moley these are wonderful! And the smell, it’s to die for! I have tried two of Soap & Glory’s body scrubs (i.e., Sugar Crush™ and Flake Away™). Sugar Crush ™ smells like a margarita minus the alcohol. It is super refreshing and great for summer. Plus it really does work as a great body exfoliator! Flake Away ™ also has a glorious smell, and the smell lasts longer on the skin. Flake Away™ pairs well with The Righteous Body Butter mentioned below. Both come in sample sizes that are reasonably priced, so give them a try! You will smell absolutely fabulous for your pageant!

5.    Soap & Glory: The Righteous Body Butter

I tried a sample size of this along with Flake Away™ as my first foray into the Soap & Glory brand. The combination of the two makes you smell simply divine. Furthermore, the body butter is rich and creamy. It leaves your skin baby soft and very hydrated. This will become an after shower staple in my beauty routine. Whether for summer or winter, this lotion is a great way to have beautiful skin for your pageant!

P.S. What were your favorite products this month? I would love to know so comment below! :)


All-Natural Beauty: Shower Time!

All-Natural Beauty_ Shower Time!(2)


What is the most important part of every pageant girl’s beauty routine? Showering of course! Our body is a temple, as they say, so why not make sure to take good care of it? The ingredients in our shower products are absorbed into our scalp and skin. Thus, we want to make sure that those products are as organic and natural as possible. Here below are the top organic and all natural shampoos & conditioners, body washes, and shaving creams! So suds up and enjoy! :)


Shampoo and Conditioner:

1.    John Masters (Rosemary Lavender) 

John Masters has a wide range of products for different hair types (e.g., dry, normal, color-treated, etc.); is paraben free (DEAs, MEAs, and other sulfates); and uses many high quality ingredients. Many liked this brand for its lightweight formula and pleasant scent.

The Rosemary Lavender one is great for strengthening fine hair. The product is supposed to help with hair loss, thus increasing volume. Furthermore, this product is certified organic by QAI and is cruelty-free. Any pageant girl can feel confident in the quality of this product!

2.    Avalon Organics (Rosemary Volumizing/ Biotin B Complex)

This product was loved for its ability to deep clean the scalp without the use of harsh chemicals (It’s made from 100% organic ingredients and essential oils). Furthermore, reviewers loved the brand’s variety of scents. The Rosemary Volumizing formula gave hair new, voluminous life and made hair smell fabulous. Rosemary is naturally good for the hair, while olive oil hydrates and gives it a healthy shine. The Biotin B Complex helps thinning hair by making it thicker and stronger. Vitamin B5 protects hair from damage, and other B vitamins aid in hair growth. Both are perfect for the pageant girl that wants strong, voluminous hair!

3.    Aubrey Organics (Honeysuckle Rose Moisturizing)

This brand was great for curly haired girls because it is a superb moisturizer. Furthermore, it is also certified USDA Organic, NPA, and BDIH. The Honeysuckle Rose left hair moisturized and wonderfully smooth. Additionally, it had a nice, light scent. Furthermore, all of the ingredients that made the brand smell good also contribute to giving hair shine, while moisturizing it. This product is great for those with dry hair that need extra moisture without it feeling greasy or oily. All curly-haired pageant girls, here is your number one organic shampoo and conditioner!

 4.    Runners Up: Max Green Alchemy & Kiss My Face

Max Green Alchemy is one of our runner’s up because of its organic ingredients and scalp-saving reputation. Also, unlike most organic shampoos it produces a nice lather. Only a small amount is needed to wash hair, and the results are great! It helps to treat dry, itchy scalp and works on all hair types.

Kiss My Face is our second runner up because of its amazing smell (akin to fresh limes) and ability to thoroughly cleanse hair minus the harsh chemicals. It is 100% organic and cruelty-free. This brand adds volume and shine to thin hair giving it body. Foremost, it effectively removes excess oil, great for those with oily scalps!

Body Wash: 

1.    Dr. Bronner’s Organic

This bottle is a definite multi-tasker. Not only can it act as your everyday body wash, but it can also be your dishwashing soap, laundry detergent, and shampoo! But have no fear; this does not mean the product is harsh. In fact, all of the ingredients are USDA-certified organic. Still worried? Dr. Bronner’s also has Organic Hand & Body Shikakai Soap Baby Unscented, which is a gentle cleanser for the skin. Skin will feel not only clean, but also moisturized. It has a nice, earthy scent. For a pageant girl on the go, it is a no frills product that gets the job done!

2.    Trader Joe’s Refresh Citrus Body Wash with Vitamin C

This is the body wash that I use everyday. I love its light citrusy scent and its list of all natural ingredients. It effectively cuts through dirt and grime leaving me feeling clean and fresh. It gets the job done, smells good, and the price isn’t half bad either! A good pick for a pageant girl on a budget!

Shaving Cream:

1.    Pacific Shaving Company

This is one of the top 100% organic shaving creams that I encountered during my search (organic shaving creams appear to be an under-served market). It has a light, fresh scent and is cruelty-free! It gave ladies a close shave without the razor burn, and left them with smooth, soft skin. Another cool bonus? Every purchase plants a tree! So you can be Eco-friendly in more than your list of ingredients! Plus they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. What more could a pageant girl ask for?

2.    Trader Joe’s Moisturizing Cream Shave Honey Mango

Whenever I shaved my legs I used to always get razor burn (i.e., nasty red bumps and dry skin). Turns out all the shaving creams I used were super drying. I was eventually turned onto this one, and absolutely fell in love. If you’re used to foam shaving cream this is definitely different. It has a creamy, rich formula that makes shaving much more gentle on the skin. Your legs will feel moisturized and smooth minus any razor burn. A definite must considering it also has a nice list of all-natural ingredients and is cruelty-free!

P.S. What are your favorite all-natural shower products? Let me know below! :)


Beauty on a Budget: Foundation

Beauty on a Budget_ FoundationWondering what budget product we are covering this month? Hint: It’s an important base to every pageant girl’s makeup routine–Foundation! Foundations can get quite expensive and because we use foundation everyday, it can become a burden on the wallet. But do not fear my pageant starlets, beauty on a budget will give you the most for your money. Here below is a list of the top 5 budget foundations. Enjoy! :)

1.    Revlon: Nearly Naked Foundation (Pressed Powder & Liquid)

Revlon is a drugstore favorite, and thus it is no surprise that one of their foundations made Beauty on a Budget’s list of top drugstore foundations. This foundation was great for a no-makeup look. Skin looks flawless and the foundation gives light, buildable coverage. Furthermore, reviewers liked Revlon’s Nearly Naked foundation because it was creamy, but not too thick. Perfect for an effortless pageant makeup look!

 2.    L’Oreal Paris: True Match Foundation

By far one of the more popular on the list, L’Oreal Paris’s True Match foundation was a resounding success. The brand comes in 33 different shades categorized by three undertones (i.e., warm, neutral, and cool). Thus, a pageant girl will have no trouble finding the perfect shade! Additionally, they are oil-free, which translates to non-greasy, longer-wear because it is less likely to slough off as the day wears on. The foundation also has medium, buildable coverage meaning you already start off with a good base. Another bonus? This foundation was named InStyle’s Best Inexpensive Foundation for 2013!

 3.    Revlon: Colorstay Foundation

Out of all the products I discovered during my research, this was by far the most popular. What is the number one reason to love this foundation? It’s staying power! Many reviewers agreed that it lasted up to 12 hours without the foundation rubbing off or transferring on to hands or clothes. This foundation also has a large number of shades to choose from categorized by normal/dry skin or oily/combination skin. Reviewers appear to prefer the latter formula no matter your skin type for it has an amazing matte finish that still looks natural and not powdery. The coverage is also good and the formula blends well into the skin.

4.    Neutrogena: Healthy Skin Foundation (Enhancer & Liquid)

Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Foundation came in a variety of types from sheers to compacts. However, every incarnation of the Healthy Skin Foundation was loved for different reasons.

The Skin Enhancer formula was loved because it had retinol and SPF protection, both of which are great for enhancing and protecting skin. The coverage is sheer to medium, and it acts a good tinted moisturizer.

The liquid foundation is the most popular and gave reviewers a glowy, dewy finish without being cakey. Furthermore, it was hydrating and helped even skin tone without being too heavy on the skin making it perfect for winter or summer. This brand is best for drier skin, as it is very moisturizing, and it may need to be set with powder if it looks too dewy.  Also, don’t expect full coverage with this brand, and keep in mind a limited color range may lead to mixing two different shades. Despite these shortcomings, the liquid foundation was nonetheless loved for keeping its promise and making skin look healthy!

6. CoverGirl: Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation

This brand was popular for the fact that one could skip priming and concealing the skin and go straight to the foundation (3-in-1)! Because of its priming and concealing properties, the foundation has pretty full coverage, so you won’t need to build on the first layer. It dries to a nice matte, but non-powdery, finish. Furthermore, it has lasting power (up to 9 hours)! The only critique is that it sometimes dries a shade or two darker than when originally applied.

P.S. What is your favorite drugstore foundation? Comment in the box below and let me know! :)




Summer Fashion 101

PageantToPhDblog.comSummer is fast approaching, and our wardrobes are in desperate need of bright colors and lighter materials. Luckily, PageantToPhD is here to help you lovely pageant ladies transition into the summer season flawlessly. Below are the top 10 trends for Summer 2014. So read on, and rejoice. Summer is almost here! :)

1.    Crop Tops Blouse-with-cropped-sleeve

Our love for the crop top continues! However, it has now taken even more forms (e.g., boxy, graphic, and floral). With warmer weather on the way, crop tops may be more of a blessing than a curse. Pair them with high-waisted skirts, shorts, and pants for a more balanced look.

2.    Pretty Pastels MintPastelShirt

Pastels are naturally a spring and summer go-to. The two most popular seem to be powder pink and mint. Both brighten and freshen up your wardrobe for spring and summer, and are beautiful in any form—from skirts to dresses.

3.    Keep it Graphic!Checked Shorts

Graphic designs and prints are majorly in this summer, and that includes everything geometric. Although colorful artsy graphics are popular, their black and white counterparts are equally so.

 4.    The Shirtdress

Articles and pictures of the shirtdress seem to have taken over the Shirt-DressInternet. In any incarnation they appear effortlessly chic. An easy, throw on and go dress that keeps you looking fashionable all day.

5.    Kick’n it Old School Backpack

Who thought backpacks for adults would be such a hit? From leather to mint, the backpack has been a popular accessory for this spring and summer. Practical and fun, the backpack is a great accessory for any pageant girl on the go.

6.    White, white, and more white! Coated-Skinny-Trousers

From white wide legged trousers to white blouses, white is as popular as ever. Almost every summer trend comes in white! And why not join the bandwagon? The color white reflects the sun, and can keep you cool through all those hot summer days. So why not add this wardrobe essential to your collection?

7.    Spoil Sport Leather-Cross-Over-Sandals-with-Platform

Is it possible to look sporty and chic? This summer it is. Thanks to the sport trousers and sporty sandals that have graced the runways. Looking athletic is neither difficult nor unfashionable this season. Run to your nearest mall to get into the trend.

8.    High-Tea Coated Pleated Skirt

Midi and long skirts are having a moment. One can’t help but imagine having high-tea in these classically beautiful long skirts. Especially when one considers all of the soft, pretty pastels they come in. They are a simple way to look feminine and put-together for the summer.

9.    Floral Loral ShortKimono

Florals are always a popular trend for spring and summer, and it’s hard not to jump on board when there are so many different colors and types to choose from! Personally, I’m rocking the floral kimonos. They bring an added pop to a simple outfit, but are airy enough to stay cool!

10. Sheer Terror?!Silk-Top-with-Lace-Appliqué

Sheers are a natural summer choice, as they are lightweight and breezy. And as the temperatures begin to mount it’s hard not to continually reach into your closet for sheer pieces. H&M currently has a nice, affordable selection of sheer tops to choose from. I grabbed a cool graphic one recently that I love.