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Favorite Products of February

ID-100210186-pandpstock001February is coming to an end, and I thought it would only be appropriate to list my favorite products of February! Word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to discover new, great products to try. Hopefully some of the products below will catch your eye and convince you to give them a go. :) As always, experiment and explore. You could discover a new favorite pageant product!

1.     Epsom Salts
I was recently converted to Epsom Salt baths when my friend sent me some as part of my birthday gift. Epsom salt baths can help relax your body and relieve muscle pain. Furthermore, Epsom Salts can help eliminate toxins from the body. If possible, take an Epsom Salt bath every night before you go to bed. Light some candles and meditate while you bathe. It will help relieve stress and any tension from the day. You’ll sleep easier and wake up feeling more relaxed and well-rested. A perfect cure after a long day at a pageant! If you’re interested here is some more information on Epsom Salt’s Uses and Benefits.

2.     Rose or White Gold Eyeliner
Rose gold or white gold eyeliner is the best why to brighten and highlight your eyes! Instead of closing in your eyes with heavy, dark liner use these lighter colors to make your eyes pop for your pageant. Here’s how to do it: 1. Take your regular eyeliner and line the top of your lid as you normally would 2. When lining your lower lid only line halfway 3. If using a pencil smudge your liner to make it appear less harsh 4. Now apply your rose or white gold eyeliner to the inner corner of your eye or along the waterline. 5. Lightly blend and there you have it, beautiful open eyes! :) Still need a little help? Check out the video below to see a demonstration.

Autumn Ombré

3.     Tarte LipSurgence “Charmed”
I love Tarte’s LipSurgence line! Charmed is a soft pink that is perfect for an everyday look. The formula is creamy and soft with a slight minty tingle. It doesn’t have a bad taste or smell and application is easy. Also, because the color is sheer and slightly shiny you can layer it on for more vibrancy. The color would be great for a pageant interview makeup look because it won’t distract your interviewer, but it still keeps you looking pretty and put together. Lipsurgence has loads of different shades from nudes/pinks to berries/reds. Check them out and pick your favorite!

4.     Tarte Finishing Powder
Do you ever get those annoying mascara/eyeliner smudges under your eyes by the end of a long day? Although a good waterproof eyeliner and mascara can help prevent this, another layer of protection is finishing powder! After I apply my under-eye cover I dust Tarte’s finishing powder on top to set the cover and create a smooth, dry surface. Thus, by the end of the day I have minimal to nonexistent smudging! This is a great way to make sure that your pageant makeup stays where it should during the length of the contest.

5.     Dior Intense Brown Waterproof Eyeliner
When I first started getting into makeup I eventually stumbled upon Dior’s waterproof eyeliner, and quickly became addicted. I eventually wondered away from Dior to try other brands, but in the end I have always returned to Dior’s eyeliner. The consistency is not too creamy or firm and blends easily. It stays put all day, but can smudge if it’s obscenely hot outside. The brown color is very flattering and can make a dramatic eye appear a little tamer, but still gorgeous. It is a great eyeliner to have in your day to day routine, and would also work beautifully in your pageant makeup routine.

P.S. What are your favorite products this month? Tell me in the comment box below! :)


Beauty on a Budget: Eye Shadow

ID-10084406-jackthummOh, beauty products…how quickly $100 has slipped through our fingers at Sephora, MAC, or any number of cosmetic counters. So how does a pageant girl on a budget find products that provide quality for the right price?

Look no further than the nearest drugstore! Looking great doesn’t have to be expensive. Although magazines keep luring us into spending $40 or more on phenomenal foundations or beautifully crafted eye shadow compacts, sometimes it is better to stay within our monetary limits. This is where many drugstore brands come into play.

Yes, their advertisements are ubiquitous (we can find a CoverGirl ad in almost any magazine), but some of us avoid these brands fearing we may be sacrificing quality. Not so fast! Beauty on a budget means finding quality in the least expensive of places…so below are a few brands and products that provide quality for a great price! :)

Eye Shadow Edition:

1.     L’Oreal Paris: H.I.P. High Intensity Pigments
People loved these shadows because they were highly pigmented and lasted! Be careful not to apply too much, you can always layer on more color for more drama! The best part is that they apply as smoothly and seamlessly as a higher quality eye shadow. Talk about quality for a great price! You can glow even more at your pageant knowing you look great and didn’t pay ridiculous amounts to do so.

2.     Maybelline New York: Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24 HR Cream Gel Shadow
Similar to L’Oreal Paris’ H.I.P. these colors were made to last all day, and according to proponents they do! Although they come in a creamy consistency, the color is still workable, but it dries not too long after application: so blend, blend, blend! Once applied you will have a look that will last all day during your pageant with no need to reapply. :)

3.     Wet N’ Wild: Eye Shadow Palette
Wet N’ Wild is always a drugstore favorite whether for eye shadows or lipsticks because you get a lot for your money ($.99 lipstick anyone?). Plus they come in so many fun, pigmented shades! You can find almost any color, which makes the brand a great, cheap way to experiment and play with your pageant makeup look.

4.     Maybelline New York: Eye Studio Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow Quad
In general, Maybelline’s eye shadows usually take the cake. Whether it’s the quad or the color tattoo shadows their colors are pigmented and last almost all day (even through my mid-afternoon naps!). What’s nice about these quads is that they come in shades that work well with one another and you have a chance to experiment with different techniques or crazy colors (check out the blue palette!).

5.     Milani: Runway Eyes
Milani was a drugstore favorite because its colors blended well together while remaining pigmented. Additionally, the colors in the palette work beautifully together to create a gorgeous look you can rock at your pageant (they aren’t called Runway Eyes for nothing!).

6.     L’Oreal Paris: Infallible Eye Shadow
According to these shadows are the less pricey version of Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill. Another example of quality at a great price! Once again these shades are super pigmented making them last longer and stay brighter. Additionally, the texture is smooth and silky making application a cinch! You can have a more affordable version of killer eyes to flaunt at your pageant. :)


Your Complete Guide To Valentine’s Day

ID-100158646-gubgibValentine’s Day is one of my favorite times of the year because it’s a day to celebrate love (think the Beatles’ song “All You Need Is Love”). Even if you don’t have a special someone that is no excuse NOT to celebrate! Get dressed, go out with your girlfriends, and have fun! Whether or not you are in a relationship here are some tricks and tips to have a fabulous Valentine’s Day! :)

1.     Makeup ID-10055241-Stuart Miles

Whether for yourself, your significant other, or just to catch that certain someone’s eye ;) Valentine’s Day is a great day to get gussied up! The ideal makeup for Valentine’s Day channels pinks, whites, and reds. Remember to focus on the eyes or lips for that perfect, romantic look. Below are some great makeup tutorials that focus on the eyes. Want to emphasize the lips? Put on a pretty red and pucker! :)

  • How To Be A Heartbreaker- Not literally, but it’s a fun Valentine’s Day makeup tutorial. Don’t feel obligated to add the false lashes or the little heart, but the rest is perfect!
  • Love Me For Me-Love this look! Sweet, romantic, and fun, it’s a great date night out look! Also, watch until the end for the hilarious guy advice!

Another bonus? These looks would even be great for your pageant!ID-100225825-stockimages

2.     Hair

Every girl wants great hair for her big Valentine’s Day night out! Loose, romantic curls are a must! Below are two tutorials by Luxy Hair that do the job well. One is specifically for V-Day and the other for a date night out, both are perfect nonetheless! Feel free to use these looks for your pageant hairstyle as well!

ID-100227685-Serge Bertasius Photography3.     Gift Ideas 

When one pictures Valentine’s Day we stereotypically think of a guy giving a girl a box of chocolates and flowers. Although this is all fine and dandy, what about the guy? Well, if you do have a special someone in your life the appropriate gift can really depend on how long you have been dating! Cosmopolitan gives a nice little breakdown of appropriate gift price ranges, as well as great gift ideas.

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Every Stage Of A Relationship 

4.     Date Ideas ID-100183484-gubgib

But what about the date night itself? I could give you a bazillion different ideas, but in the end it really depends on your relationship and what you and your partner would love to spend time doing together. Still need some help? To get the ideas flowing, here are my top four suggestions for a Valentine’s Day date night.

  •  Dinner At A Really Nice Restaurant—Just don’t forget to make the reservation!
  • Concert—This does not necessarily have to be exactly on V-Day, although that does make it convenient. :)
  • Dinner & A Movie—A great date night go-to, although with the cost of tickets and movie theater refreshments it’s probably best to go to a more reasonably priced restaurant.
  • Cook At Home—intimate, romantic, and relaxing it is a great private way to reconnect and have fun.

5.     And Remember! ID-100156135-gubgib

If you have a special someone, Valentine’s Day is a great reason to have some private, bonding time. It is a day dedicated to showing your significant other that you love and cherish them. Maybe the restaurant was bad or the weather is keeping you guys in. That is not as important as remembering why you are with that special someone and letting them know you appreciate them. So no matter the situation, make a romantic, loving evening out of it, and most importantly enjoy it together!

If you’re single that’s okay! Like I wrote earlier, make it a girls night. Feel sexy and confident, and go out with your girls and rock it. Who knows? Maybe you’ll meet that someone special! Not feeling like going out? Then have a girl’s night in! Grab all your favorite romantic comedies or dramas (as well as some ice cream), and have fun! Reminisce, laugh, and bond. Girl’s nights are always the best. :)

Bonus Video: Valentine’s Day Hair, Makeup & Outfit ideas! + Easy V-day treat!


10 Staple Pieces Every Woman Should Own

ID-100183916-stockimagesAs I got older, I pondered what pieces were absolute necessities for my wardrobe. To write this article I conferred with some knowledgeable ladies in my life, and came up with this list of 10 staple pieces every woman should own. Lacking some of these pieces? Use it as an excuse to have a little shopping day, trust me, your wardrobe will thank you! So try, explore, and enjoy my pageant starlets! :)

ID-10081346-stockimages1.     Classic Trench Coat 

Whether it’s in camel, black, navy, or even hounds tooth, a classic trench is a wardrobe must. Trench coats give the aura of old Hollywood glamour (think Catherine Deneuve), and can add a chic vibe to almost any outfit. Pair with a scarf for a more complete look. :)

2.     Black and Nude Pumps ID-100159612-marin

Black and nude pumps are just plain necessity in every woman’s closet. Just make sure they aren’t sky-high. Opt for a kitten heel or at most three inches; otherwise your feet will be killing you by the end of the day. These heels will look good with any dress, guaranteed. Wear black for a more polished or sultry look (depending on the outfit) or nude to elongate your legs and bring more attention to your outfit. Both are great shoes for running around to meet all your post-pageant engagements!

3.     Fitted Black Blazer hmprod

Make sure that your black blazer is a classic shape without embellishments and is fitted properly to your body. The black blazer is more versatile than some think. Wear it to work for a more professional vibe. Otherwise pair it with a loose-ish white t-shirt (something Alexander Wang-esque), boyfriend jeans, and black strappy heels for a day-to-night look.

4.     Little Black Dress (LBD) 1355af820e3c9a71096f5f8948a7cdd7153f7f05-burberry shift dress

When choosing your LBD make sure it’s versatile enough to be dressed down for the day or dressed up for the evening. Choose one in a classic shape such as shift dress that ends at or right above the knee. For a day look, pair with flats and simple jewelry. Then at night add high heels and a statement necklace for more flair. LBD’s are indispensable, and make dressing for a work function, night out, or post-pageant event easy and simple.

5.     Black Dress Pants pMAUR1-15734549v275-maurices-blackdresspants

Black dress pants are a work place staple. Wear them to an interview or on the job, either way people will know you mean business. Make sure they are tailored to truly flatter your body, and walk with confidence! Pair them with the aforementioned black pumps and a beautiful blouse and you will have a great pageant interview look.

6.     White, Collared Button Down Blouse cn7145755-oldnavy

Another great piece to own is a white, collared button down blouse. Make sure it fits you well, as you don’t want it too loose (it will seem frumpy) or too tight (not work appropriate). The great thing about this piece is that it can also be dressed up for work or down for play. Wear your white blouse with a pencil skirt and heels or dress pants for a professional look. Otherwise, tuck it in to a pair of butt-flattering jeans (either skinny or boyfriend), belt, add black pumps, and a statement bag. Now you’re ready to go out and about!

7.     Pearl Earrings and Necklace ID-1003967-Suat Eman

Nowadays people warn you not to wear pearl earrings with a pearl necklace, as it will date you. However, pearls are such a classic piece of jewelry that no woman should do without them. Whether for your wedding, someone else’s, a black tie function, or a formal pageant related event pearls are an easy, go-to piece. They give an outfit grace and sophistication without being over the top.

ID-10013649-Arvind Balaraman8.     Timeless Watch

Why a watch? A classic watch, nothing to blingy or trendy, will last through the decades.  A great watch will go with almost any outfit and is a great piece to pass on. Plus, watches can be a statement piece by themselves and require minimal additional jewelry to achieve the right look. Furthermore, watches can be dressed up or down with the outfit making them another staple wardrobe piece.

9.     Kelly Bag 7225-2120--hermes-black-box-leather-32cm-kelly-bag--portero

The Kelly Bag. One immediately pictures Hollywood glamour and royalty. Named after the beautiful Grace Kelly, the bag is a great statement piece with enough class to put other purses to shame. Sadly, the actual Kelly bag, designed Hermès, is out of most people’s comfortable price range. However, any bag that resembles it will do just fine, as it is the shape that is the most classic part. Carry this statement purse with you to and from your post-pageant engagements!

10.   Leather Jacket _8383615

A leather jacket! But why? This is because, for the most part, everyone loves a good leather jacket. They toughen up a cute dress; give jeans and a shirt a rocker chic look; and can make an all-black ensemble look even cooler. Plus they keep you warm in that in-between fall and spring weather. Leather jackets have been around for a while, and only seem to grow in popularity. So invest in a classic black one, or be daring and go for white! Both are neutral colors, although the black one is guaranteed to last for decades (they still sell ones from the 70’s all the time!).

P.S. Do you have a wardrobe staple you could not live without? Let us know for a future post! :)