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Pageat Interview Queen

Holiday Treat Traps and How to Avoid Them


Part of what pageants girls are being judged on is their physical appearance so it is important that you eat healthy and exercise to stay fit.

During the holiday season, however, this is easier said than done. There are temptations everywhere, and I mean everywhere! There are chocolates sitting in your living room, cookies on the counter, latkes at the Hanukkah party, and your neighbor’s famous caramel popcorn delivered right to your front porch.

Here are a couple ways to avoid putting on those holiday pounds:

–       Share the treats you are given. Invite your friends over to munch on cookies with you so you do not end up eating the whole dozen on your own.

–       Don’t sit down to watch a movie with the box of chocolates because by the time the ending credits roll you might find that the chocolates are all gone.

–        If you receive a holiday treat, make sure to cover it in a non-transparent container so you are less tempted to snack on it throughout the day.

–       Don’t buy big bags of candy to put out for holiday decoration—it reduces the chances that you will end up eating it.

While it is important to stay healthy, don’t prevent yourself from having a treat every now and then—it’s part of the holiday spirit to have some sweets.

And if you find that you accidentally ate a dozen cookies or drink a whole bottle of apple cider, don’t be discouraged. Just forgive yourself, go to bed, and wake up the next morning and try to do better. Hating yourself for eating that extra piece of pie will get you nowhere, but the confidence from loving yourself will.  Happy Holidays!!


How to Turn Normal, Daily Activities into Productive Exercise

ID-100202042 Prepping for a pageant is fun, but it can also add more demands on your time in an already busy life. This can make finding time to get in a full work out in difficult. If you are struggling to make time in the day to get that cardio in then try incorporating physical activities into your daily life, so you can burn some calories without actually going to the gym.

  • Make it a goal to take the stairs whenever possible and you will be surprised how often you will find yourself climbing up some steps and burning those calories.
  • Just get up. At whatever age, we all find ourselves sitting for extended periods of time without moving around.  Set a timer for 20-30 minutes and get up and walk around your house, school, work building etc. This can keep your metabolism up and keep you active.
  • When you plop down on your couch and turn on the TV, make an effort to do some abs when the commercials come on. Or do some jump squats and push ups every 5 minutes. This keeps your mind on other things, so you don’t feel like you are actually working out (for those of you that aren’t particularly fond of hitting the gym).
  • On a similar note, try to prepare for pageant interview questions while you exercise. For instance, find a stable piece of fitness equipment like a treadmill or stationary bike, that lets you SAFELY watch, listen to, or read the news as you exercise to help you prepare for current event questions.
  • Maybe you like tanning poolside? Try hopping in the pool and splashing around so you can get moving while still being where you love. Then just hop out the sun will dry you off in no time.
  • Try putting some rhythm in your chores. Instead of half-heartedly doing the dishes, put on some music and shake it while you scrub. Not only do you get your heart rate up, but it makes chores a lot more bearable.
  • Try yoga. It’s fun, relaxing, and gets your work out in. Maybe you can try yoga on the beach!

Give these a try and see what other ideas you can come up with to get a little more activity into every day life between those workouts.