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Thanksgiving Advice: 3 things to avoid, 3 things to do

The leaves are changing, the air is crisp, and Turkey Day is fast approaching. Thanksgiving is full of yummy, fattening food and it is often hard to resist that huge piece of pumpkin pie; at the end of the day you find you are letting out your pants a bit.

Trying to stay in shape for the pageant takes a lot of will power and trying to maintain a healthy diet and exercise plan around Thanksgiving can be very difficult. Instead of cutting yourself off from all delicious foods and being miserable throughout the holidays, try out these tips to get the most out of your Thanksgiving.

3 things to avoid:

  1. Make sure to eat breakfast on Thanksgiving. Many of us are tempted to “save up” our hunger for the big feast so we can fill up on turkey and mashed potatoes. However, eating earlier in the day will help you avoid consuming an overwhelming amount of calories during the Thanksgiving meal.
  2.  Drink water instead of punch or another drink. This is a great way to cut out empty, unnecessary calories. But if you are just in love with the special drink your grandma makes then have a small glass and count that as a treat.
  3. Don’t nibble at little things because you will lose track of how much you are actually eating. Make yourself a plate of food, eat it slowly, then sit for about twenty minutes before going up to get seconds so you can tell how full you really are.

3 things to do:

  1. Cut yourself some slack! Eat healthy the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, so you have a little freedom with what you get to eat on the actual holiday.
  2. Try cutting down on the super fatty parts of the meal (gravy, butter, pies, cream) and load up on veggies, turkey, and fruit.
  3. Choose your desert wisely. Instead of taking 4 pieces of pie and scarfing them down, choose one small piece and savor it, really enjoy it. Try pumpkin pie instead of the chocolate cream, it is lower in calories and has many nutritional benefits!

Remember that balance is the key to being healthy in most things, so enjoy the holiday! Just remember the holiDAY is not all week. Get back on your healthy eating plan and keep your goal of general wellness–and performing well at your pageant–in the front of your mind. That makes it easier to make good choices day in and day out.


Healthy Weight Loss Tips for Pageant Girls

Trying to lose those stubborn pounds before a pageant can be very stressful. Remember, you are beautiful already so do not over-worry this!  But if it is indeed part of your plan then realize that there are countless ways to do it, many of which are hazardous–which is why many professionals suggest reaching your target weight about a month before the pageant to avoid any dangerous diets.

However, if you find yourself a few pounds shy of your goal days before the pageant then here are a few suggestions for healthy weight loss. And we do want healthy pageant contestants! :-)

–       If your sweet tooth starts kicking in, try munching on some dark chocolate instead of reaching for the cookie or bowel of ice cream.

–       Get a vegetable in at every meal— they fill you up before you can chow down on high calorie foods. They are low in calories, high in volume, and high in critically important nutrients–need I say more?

–       Eat breakfast everyday. A healthy breakfast jump starts your metabolism and helps raise you energy level for the rest of the day. It also helps you feel more satisfied throughout the day, preventing over eating or binge eating.

–       Portion control. I cannot stress this enough. Eat all the low-starch veggies you want! But other than that even too much healthy food can hinder weight loss; it’s not just the junk food.  You not only have to watch what you eat, but how much as well.

–       Eliminate all drinks other than water and herbal tea: many drinks such as soda, juice, alcohol, and other processed drinks are full of empty calories with no nutritional value.

–       When you feel a hunger pang, before reaching for that snack try drinking a big glass of water—you might be dehydrated.  Either way, water is also a must have to flush out all the toxins that may be inhibiting your weight loss. Drinking water is an easy way to stop yourself from binge or stress eating.

Remember that every one is different–use your head and avoid foods that you are allergic to or are otherwise intolerant of. For instance, some foods might make you bloat a little, or a lot!, so learn to listen to your body and avoid what it doesn’t like.

And no matter what, stay hydrated and get enough protein often enough in the day. It won’t help you out at all if you are feeling dizzy or weak ever, let alone during the extra demanding schedule at the pageant.  Be healthy!


Beauty Tutorials: Glamour in under 15 Minutes


Whether you are new to pageants or a seasoned veteran, most anyone could enjoy a refresher course on beauty techniques. Even if you consider yourself quite skilled at all things beauty related, beauty tutorials can still be a fun and exciting way to try a new makeup technique or look so you look your best at the pageant, whether on stage, on camera, or in your personal pageant interview with the judges. You want to look your best while handling those pageant interview questions!

You would be surprised how much a tutorial could change your whole beauty routine. But where can one find such helpful, fun tutorials? Well, in recent years beauty mavens have flocked to YouTube in order to share with the world their knowledge and expertise. Lucky for us, these tutorials are 100% free!

So, how exactly do you go about choosing from the multitude of beauty tutorials available on YouTube? First off, decide what exactly you would like to learn! Beauty tutorials cover anything from hair styling to themed makeup lessons. Once you have chosen your subject, you can narrow down your search by visiting YouTube’s Beauty and Fashion Channel and perusing the channels that fall within your category.

Still a little overwhelmed by the choices? No worries! Everyone has different ways of learning (even for beauty stuff!). So take some time and watch a few videos from different channels until:

  • You find a channel that has easy to follow tutorials
  • Has a personality you enjoy
  • Offers tips for a classy, elegant look that’s “right” for you and your pageant

With so much variety available finding the beauty channel for you can take a bit of time, but once you do it is well worth it!

Beauty tutorials on YouTube offer a wealth of information waiting to be discovered. So get started now, and remember that practice makes perfect! :)

To help you get started, below are a few recommended YouTube beauty channels to check out. Enjoy!

Makeup Tutorials:

Michelle Phan is one of the better-known make up artists on YouTube. She has become so popular, in fact, that she recently launched her own makeup line: Em by Michelle Phan. She has a wide-range of tutorials from TV inspired ones (e.g., Game of Thrones: Daenerys Targaryen Look) to typical every day looks.

Another fun (and very bubbly) beauty maven is BubzBeauty. The great thing about Bubz is the variety of tutorials available on her channel. Bubz covers anything from < rel ="nofollow" href="" target="_blank">home made skin remedies to simple girl talk sessions. Her tutorials are easy to follow, and her sweet, endearing personality makes her a joy to watch!

Although I have yet to try the awesome hair tutorials by Luxy Hair, I have heard many good things! From up-dos to fancy ponytails, Luxy Hair has you covered for all things hair related. Hair styling can definitely be intimidating, especially if you were never one to experiment with your hair in the first place. However, Luxy Hair’s tutorials are easy to follow, and make for a fun learning experience. :)




Being Healthy & Looking Lovely: Upcoming Tips for Your Pageant Interview

Hello Pageant Contestants,

If you are like me, your life may seem like it is just getting busier. As you are preparing for you pageant it can feel even more that way!

Remember, when you are feeling busy it is okay to say “no” to some things. It is okay to say
“maybe” or  “later” too, depending on the situation. Once in awhile we have to let things go, or just accept not everything will be perfect but “go for it” anyway and have fun!  Sometimes it helps to take stock and sort out where you can use more support and then ask for help.

For me, it can be a challenge to keep up with writing–I have so much I’d like to share, but so little time. So I’ve sought out support to help with this blog. I’ll still join the mix now and then to share insights on how to prepare for interview effectively and how handle pageant interview questions like a pro, but I’m adding some folks to the team to contribute more regularly to help you in related areas.

Thus, in the coming days we’ll have a team member begin writing about beauty and fashion to give you ideas and resources. Her tips and tricks will inspire and educate. They’ll likely also save you time (and maybe some money). They certainly will help you look your best at your pageant interview, and at all other times!

Another team member will write about staying healthy as you seek your goals. A healthy body and a happy mind are more important than any crown. And you can have all three if you approach your pageant preparation with healthy attitudes about self, beauty, food, and fitness. There are certainly differing perspectives and lots of info out there (and you should always check with your physician if you feel poorly or before any serious dieting, of course), but hopefully the tips pulled together here will help remind you of some simple, healthy, and reasonable ways to approach finding balance in this arena.

So bookmark this page or sign up for the RSS feed and see how things unfold. :-)